When Can a Dog Get Pregnant? (What Age Is Best)

When Can a Dog Get Pregnant? (What Age Is Best)

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 10:33 pm

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When Can a Dog Get Pregnant?

Many dog owners are interested in their dogs having pup babies. Well, who wouldn’t want adorable little pups?! If you’re also interested, then you need to understand, a simple question. At what age can a dog get pregnant? So, before we hop into the answer, it’s important to understand sexual maturity and the heat cycle in dogs. So, let’s start.  

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Quick Answer

Most female dogs can get pregnant starting from the ages of 6-12 months. Getting your dog pregnant early isn’t the best for your dog as it can leave physical problems and behavioral issues. Your dog needs time to grow up so let them reproduce when they are ready.

When Do Female Dogs Reach Sexual Maturity?  

So to fully understand when a dog can get pregnant. We need to understand when female dogs reach sexual maturity. Female dogs can’t get pregnant without reaching sexual maturity. With most female dogs, sexual maturity is reached when they reach six months old. Despite this, maturity depends on dog breeds. For example, smaller dogs reach sexual maturity at four months. On the other hand, larger breeds will reach sexual maturity at two to three years.

Remember, physical and sexual maturities are different. Moreover, sexual maturity isn’t necessarily meant that your dog is ready to get pregnant physically. Sometimes they’re just to young. So even if they reach this stage don’t push.  

When Can a Dog Get Pregnant? (What Age Is Best)

How Many Times Do Dogs Go Into Estrous (Heat) Cycle? (WHAT IS A HEAT CYCLE?

A heat cycle will most likely start occurring when your dog hits puberty/their sexual maturity stage. A dog that starts getting heat cycles can get pregnant. These heat cycles can happen at different times. But after some time, these heat cycles in dogs will become a regular occurrence. 

At What Age Can a Dog Get Pregnant? 

Most vets recommend avoiding breeding your dog until she is on her second and third heat cycle. But as mentioned above, it varies from dog to dog. Most female dogs can get pregnant when they’re between 6-12 months. Remember, it’s not the best age for all dogs not because of sexual maturity but physical maturity.   

It’s important for dogs to get matured before getting pregnant. If the dog isn’t sexually matured, it can lead to behavioral and physical issues in dogs. Moreover, you’ll have to take your dog to the vet to know what genetic disorders your dogs have.   

At What Age Should Your Dog Stop Giving Birth to Puppies?  

As mentioned above, female dogs can give birth to puppies throughout their lives, but problems start occurring at around ages 8 or 9 years old. There are more risks and complications when it comes to pregnancy during this age. Remember, every one human year is seven dog years so at this point in your dogs life they would be 56-63 years old. Your dogs might still get pregnant, but they can face the following complications: 

  • A singleton litter 
  • A difficult pregnancy 
  • Need for an emergency c section 

Moreover, if your female doesn’t face any complications during pregnancy, she might fail to nurse these little puppies due to old age. We have observed that when female dogs get past 10 years, they get weak. As they can’t produce enough milk, so the owners will have to feed them with some supplements.  

Remember, each litter can be stressful for your dog’s body. Therefore, you shouldn’t breed your female dog more than three times. This practice is crucial for the well-being of your pet. Moreover, some dogs face complications when they get pregnant for the first time. So, if it’s the case with your pet, you shouldn’t breed her more than once.  

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