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Straw For Dogs, Good Or Bad?

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 10:00 pm

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Straw for Dog Bedding, Is It Bad? 

Well, as pet parents and as one myself. We like to spoil our pups. Whether during the day or at night. A question that recently popped up is if straw is safe for dog bedding? 

You need to provide good bedding to keep your dog warm during the nighttime. Is straw for dog bedding safe? The answer depends on straw type because all the straw types for dog bedding are neither safe nor bad. So, keep reading to learn more about straw bedding for dogs.  

Quick Answer

It depends on the straw type some are better than others. In addition, straw is better than nothing. However since straw turns into dust rather quickly. You’ll need to replace the straw every couple of days.

Straw for Dogs: Is It Bad? 

Many pet owners find it challenging to keep their outdoor dogs warm, especially during winter. Therefore, many pet owners look for inexpensive options to keep their dog bedding warm and comfortable. So, they prefer straw for dog bedding. But most pet owners are concerned about whether it is safe to use a straw for dog bedding. Let’s find the answer.  

People have used straw for dogs’ bedding for centuries, and many still use it even today. There are different types of straw, and they’re all not safe for dogs. Some straw types are perfect for dog bedding, and they’re perfectly safe. Below we’ll discuss the major types of straw and whether or not they’re safe.

straw for dog bedding

Types of Straw 

There are four main types of straw, but can you use all of them for dog bedding? Let’s find the answer. Straw is the dry stalk of wheat, rice, barley, oat, and rye plants. But all of them are not safe for dog bedding. Some most commonly used straw types for dog bedding are given below: 

  1. Wheat Straw 

This common straw bedding is used for both outdoor and livestock dog bedding. This straw doesn’t get flattened quickly. In addition, it’s also known as the dustiest straw. Wheat straw is easy to handle. But unfortunately, it’s not a good absorbent.  

  1. Barley Straw 

It’s another most common and cheapest straw type, but unfortunately, it’s not a great bedding option for dogs. You can use it as bedding for horses. Barley straw has long pickle awns that can cause skin irritation. So, avoid using barley straw as dog bedding.  

  1. Oat Straw 

It’s much softer than wheat straw, and it’s known for its excellent absorbing capability. Like wheat straw, it’s a high-quality straw for livestock bedding. Like the above type, you shouldn’t use it for dogs because it can cause skin irritation and itchiness in dogs. Finally, it’s an expensive straw, so it must be avoided.  

  1. Pine Straw ( The Best Option )

You can use the straw for the dog bedding of an outdoor dog kennel. It’s not only a safe option for dogs, but it also provides much-needed comfort in the cold weather. The only issue with this straw bedding is you need to change it often because of its poor absorbing capability.  

Can Pine Straw Be Used As Dog Bedding? 

Yes, it can be used as dog bedding because pine straw offers plentiful ground tree cover. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for your feline friend. But you shouldn’t keep it for a long time because it can promote mold growth.  

Most people often ask, is pine straw safe for dogs? Dogs chew down lots of mulch, and it poses a choking danger. So, if you can monitor your pet, use pine straw as a dog bedding. Otherwise, look for alternative options.  

Is It Good To Use Straw For an Outdoor Dog Kennel?

For an outdoor dog kennel, straw is a good bedding material. Pet parents can spread straw in the dog house up to 5 inches. It will provide your dog with much-needed warmth and comfort, especially during cold nights. But when you use a straw for dog bedding, you need to be extra careful.  

The following tips can help you make straw a safe bedding option for your furry friends.  

  • Straw is a by-product of a farm. Therefore, when they’re not handled properly, they can contain bacteria and parasites. Moreover, you need to get straw from a reputable source.  
  • When you get straw from a reliable source, it can be a perfect and safe option for dog bedding.  
  • Ensure that you change them at least once a week.  
  • You can use straw along with a dog’s blanket to make comfortable and warm bedding.  
  • Spread straw on the floor for 5 inches and then place a dog blanket on it to make comfortable straw bedding for dogs.  

Hay or Straw for Dog Bedding – Which One Is Better 

Before we compare these two, let’s discuss what hay is? Hay is grass that is cut and dried. While straw is a dry stalk of cereal crops and grains. Straw is a dry, long hollow, and yellow tube. But they’re not good absorbent. Moreover, they’re brittle and can easily break down to straw dust.  

Hay is the long slender stem of grasses. But when it’s compared to straw, it retains structure for much longer, and it’s a better absorbent. So, both of them can be used for dog bedding. When we compare them, hay seems to be a better option for dog bedding because it is softer.  

Moreover, hay provides better insulation and more comfort during the winter months. The only drawback is it should be changed frequently because it gets more wet than straw. If you want to keep your dog warm during cold weather, keep changing the dog bedding.  

When you use straw bedding, change it at least once a week. But you can change hay bedding after 15 days because it lasts longer.  

Wrap-up On Is Straw Bedding Bad for Dogs 

Not all types of straw are bad for dogs. Some straw types are safe to be used as dog bedding while others are not. Moreover, if you want to use hay as dog bedding, you can use it because hay seems to be the better option than straw when we compare their properties.  

Straw For Dogs, Good Or Bad?

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