Can Cats and Dogs Mate?

Can Cats and Dogs Mate?

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Can a Dog Penetrate or Mate With a Cat?

We get this question a lot here on Barkmind. It’s an odd question to ask yet it gets you a bit curious about what the actual answer is.  When it comes to these two pets we’ve gotten some questions. Such as, “can dogs and cats mate”, “can a dog penetrate a cat” and “can a Dog impregnate a cat” and vice versa. 

Dogs tend to get “randy” often and they will mount virtually anything but it seems weird to ask about cats and dogs. However, it’s one that I’ve personally been asked by many dog and cat owners alike which have both animals living under the same roof. So in this article, we’re going to answer your questions.

Before going into details, to reduce your curiosity, let’s have a look at short answers to the fundamental questions. 

Quick Answers:

  1. Can Dogs Mate With Cats? “Maybe”  
  2. Can a Dog Impregnate a Cat  “No” 
  3. Can They Produce Hybrid Offspring? “No” 

Before going into details, it is crucial to understand the biological classification of dogs and cats. Are these animals alike? 

Scientific Classification Of Dog and Cats

To Answer This Question …

The following table gives the exact scientific categorization of Canidae and Falidae ie. dogs and cats. 

Here’s a Table We Made That Specifies a Dogs and Cats Scientific Classifications. 

Scientific ClassificationDomestic DogDomestic CatSimilarity Index
PhylumVertebrate (Have Backbones)Vertebrate (Have Backbones)+ve
FamilyCanidae (Dogs)Felidae (Cats)-ve

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Hope that gave you a better understanding. Let’s clarify this further.

One of the simplest ways to describe the genetic distinctions between cats and dogs is to examine their biological or scientific classifications. 

What Is A Scientific Classification?

A scientific classification tells us under what family something falls.

Dogs and cats fall in the same category for the first four levels out of seven levels of the classification. Starting with the level “Family” onwards, the domestic cat and dog go in different biological directions. The dog is part of the Canidae family, and the cat belongs to the Felidae family. This might sound like gibberish but try to keep along.

This means they both are carnivores and mammals.

However, that’s where the distinction starts. This is why domestic cats can breed with tiny wild cats and why domestic dogs can also breed with coyotes. However, them mixing with each other isn’t a scientific reality. 

Can a Dog Penetrate and Mate with a Cat? 

The short answer is simple, no a dog can’t mate with a cat. They belong to two different species, cats will not stand for dogs to mate. If you have witnessed your dog trying to mount your cat and some doing it successfully that’s something else that we’ll discuss next. However, dogs can’t mate or penetrate cats. That’s why you don’t see hybrids of dogs and cats running around.  

Can a Dog Impregnate a Cat / Can Dog & Cat Have Hybrid offspring? 

As mentioned above a dog can penetrate a cat due to their scientific classifications. The same goes for impregnation. 

It is impossible for your cat to get pregnant or vice versa for your dog. Their scientific traits just don’t allow it.

Cats and dogs are not compatible to mate and have offspring. Although different species may produce hybrids like tigers and lions, for this they must be closely related, which is not feasible in the case of dogs and cats. 

Let’s have a look at why dogs cannot have children when paired with cats. Scientific

  • Different Number of Chromosomes 

The major reason dogs and cats can’t reproduce is that they belong to different species and have different chromosomes. Cats have 38 chromosomes (19 pairs), while dogs have 78 chromosomes (39 pairs). This is why it’s impossible for the two species to be able to get married in natural circumstances. 

In the case of tiger and lion, although they are different species, but are very closely related and have the same number of chromosomes, so they are able to produce hybrids. 

  • Different Reproductive Anatomy And Mating Rituals 

The two species (dog and cat) have distinct mating signals and behavior and are unable to understand each other. Female cats and female dogs have different periods of sexual activity and time frames. Both species have their own methods of communication and aren’t particularly interested in mating.  

The reproductive organs of both species differ too. Male cats have barbed penises that permit them to adhere to the female cat during mating. The barbs can injure the reproductive organs of female dogs, which aren’t designed to accommodate them. The sperm of a dog is not able to fertilize the egg of a cat, and the reverse is true. 

  • Different Heat Cycles 

There is a huge difference between the estrus physiologies of both species. Female dogs ovulate at day 2 of the estrus cycle (4-6 days before actual mating), while cats are induced ovulatory. It means cats will ovulate only after mating has occurred. 

Why Do Dogs Mount Cats? 

Mounting is a common behavior among dogs, especially when they are in heat.

They’ll mount anything and that’s anything as you probably know. From furniture, dogs, legs of people, pet toys, trees, and even cats. There are three main reasons why dogs mount everything in their path we’ll go over the three reasons and four more that may be causing your dog to mount your cat or vice versa. Let’s go over each one.

  • Hormonal Response 

This is what’s likely causing the issue. When dogs are in heat, (and not allowed to mate with female dogs), they cannot control themselves and try to find different ways to mount different objects, other dogs, or humans. If cats and dogs live in the same area and are in heat, it’s not unusual to observe them mounting each other. 

  • Play/Fun 

Playing is another common reason. Dogs especially less socialized ones mount other objects or cats when they play, just as an expression of joy.

  • Excitement  

The last reason is Excitement. A dog may show exuberance by walking up to other animals or pets at home. While some dogs play and jump when exuberant, some dogs opt to hump. The mounting in these situations will assist the dog in burning off the stress or excessive energy. 

Can Cats and Dogs Mate?
  • To Show Dominance 

The act of mounting is not always a sign of reproduction. The dogs also mount to prove their authority. For instance, neutered dogs typically take on other cats or dogs to demonstrate their position in the hierarchy to other animals. 

  • Boredom 

Sometimes dogs may mount due to boredom. Mounting can be an effort to attract your attention. Try redirecting your dog’s focus by offering activities and stimulation for the mind. 

  • Stress And Anxiety 

Dogs may mount cats or other objects when they are stressed. Any significant change to the surrounding environment or routine of your pet can cause anxiety for them. Many pet owners have observed that their pet exhibits this behavior after a change in environment. 

  • Medical Issues 

Certain medical conditions can make your dog mount a cat. A list of common ailments is given below.  

  • Priapism (painful erection) 
  • Kidney infections 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Urinary tract infection

How To Prevent Your Dog From Mounting A Cat? 

It can be embarrassing if your dog starts mounting a cat or other objects while you’re taking your dog for a walk or in the house. Taking the following steps can help your dog get rid of this irritating habit. 

  • The first thing to do is catch them when they are in the act. 
  •  Watch out for pre-humping behaviors such as Pawing or licking. 
  • See in your dog’s eye and speak loudly “NO” or “Stop.” 
  • When he obeys, what you said, reward him with an edible treat. 
  • When he is going to mount, keep him distracted with treats, games, and lots of exercise. 
  • Exercise is also essential to get rid of extra energy. 

Try those steps and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Conclusion – Can a Dog Mate And Penetrate a Cat?

Sometimes, dogs and cats may appear like they’re attempting to mate. However, that’s unlikely, since these two species are unable to physically mate. The considerable anatomical and physiological differences in their breeding cycles and organs prevent them from producing healthy hybrid offspring. 

Dogs and cats are great under the same roof. Don’t let this stop you. 

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