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Why Do Cats Like Fish? ANSWERED!

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 07:05 am

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Why Do Cats Like Fish? UNDERSTOOD! 

Cats like fish, everybody knows that it’s become kind of a symbol for them. Cats with fish, but why do cats like fish? It’s something that only a few people know. If you want a short answer, the smell and taste of the fish attract cats. But there are many other things that you need to know about why cats like fish so much. So, don’t go anyway and read this post till the end.  

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Why Do Cats Like Fish So Much? EXPLAINED FURTHER

Before going into the details, it’s essential to know that cats don’t like water, so they won’t go out to catch fish on their own. Therefore, if you don’t make fish part of their diet, they are unlikely to eat fish.  

The answer as to why cats like fish is – Cats love to eat fish because, during ancient times, Egyptians were used to lure cats into the home by using fish. Moreover, cats are opportunistic feeders; they like to eat fish. As mentioned earlier, the strong smell of fish attracts most cats. In addition, it’s a nutritious diet and a great source of protein for cats.  

Just make sure to feed your cat fish in moderation. Half to one fish per week is advised. If you’re unsure contact your veterinarian. 

What Makes Fish So Appealing to Cats? 

A strong smell of fish attracts cats. Moreover, cats need nutrients like protein, fat, and oil, so fish is a good source for providing these nutrients. As you know, cats are carnivores, so meat should be part of their diet, and luckily fish lies in this category. More importantly, fish also offers amino acids and taurine.  

Before you make fish part of your kitten’s regular diet, you must understand that it contains high levels of toxins like mercury. Moreover, it also lacks some essential nutrients and minerals. Therefore, feed fish to your cat in moderation and don’t make it a regular part of their diet.  

What Is the Best Type of Fish for Cats to Eat? 

Now, that you have an answer to why cats like fish so much. The next most important thing is to find what type of fish is safe for cats. Salmon and tuna are popular fish choices because they’re good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. But, meanwhile, they contain high levels of mercury.  

The alternative to these fish choices is flounder, cod, and halibut. Ensure that you don’t offer fish stored in oil to your kitten. Moreover, avoid feeding raw fish to your cats because they can pose some health issues.  

Avoid feeding smoked or fried fish because oil and additives can cause health problems. If it’s imperative to feed fish to your cat, ensure that it’s boiled. Moreover, tinned fish preserved in water instead of oil can also be a safe option to provide to your cat.  

What’s the Best Approach for Feeding Fish to Your Cats? 

No doubt, cats like seafood, but ensure that you offer fish to your cat in small proportions. Moreover, you can give it to your cat as a special treat. Give it to your cat once or twice a week. Overfeeding can cause serious health issues.  

Feeding too much fish to cats can result in thiamine deficiency, and it can damage their nervous system. Finally, giving too much fish to your cat can also result in urinary tract infection. Therefore, if you want to feed fish to your cats, feed them in moderation and serve only once or twice a week.  

Do Cats Hate Fish?  

All the cats are not the same. So yes, some cats that exist don’t like fish. Each cat has different food preferences. Moreover, when you don’t introduce fish to cats when they’re young, they refuse to eat when they get old. In addition, some cats are allergic to fish and show symptoms like inflamed skin, diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, sneezing, and scratching.  

Why Do Cats Like Fish? ANSWERED!

Is There Any Benefit of Feeding Fish to Cats? 

Yes, when you feed fish to cats, cats can enjoy and receive many health benefits. The ingredients in fish are super beneficial to cats. Below are listed some of the best benefits of fish for cats.

  • Taurine 

It’s an amino acid that controls heart rhythm, digestion, vision, and reproduction.  It can help cats with the brain, nerves and digestion.

  • Protein  

It helps a cat to regulate pH balance, get energy, stay healthy, and build tissues.  

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

It reduces inflammatory conditions like arthritis, asthma, skin disease, and inflammatory bowel disease. Moreover, it reduces cancer risk and makes the coat glossy.  

Final Thoughts on Why Cats Like Fish

Cats like fish because of its appealing smell and protein. But avoid overfeeding fish to cats because it can be bad for their health. So, feed in moderation so that your kitten can enjoy health benefits. If you still have any questions, ask a question.  

Why Are Cats Obsessed With Fish?

The smell of fish attracts cats in an instance. They are carnivores and when they smell it they have an urge to eat it. Due to the intense smell of fish cats go wild for it.

How Much Fish Is Recommended For Cats?

Half to a full fish is recommended on weekly basis for cats. Every cat is different so make sure to contact your vet for the best advice. Just remember that fish should not replace other foods for your cat.

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