Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

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Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

In recent years, people have kept pets in their homes for many reasons. Some of the reasons range from companionship, protection, entertainment, or simply for comfort. Moreover, pets give their owners emotional support by boosting one’s mood. Dogs and cats have proven to be the most popular pets over the years. But which one is smarter? Though their parts differ in terms of appearance and intelligence.  They both provide companionship for humankind. However, the debate on whether dogs are smarter than cats has not yet been “proven”. Scientists have long tried to observe their individual behaviors to decipher the answer to this question.

Biological Differences.

Their biological differences tend to suggest that dogs are smarter than cats. This is because scientists study the difference in their brain activity. The cerebral cortex has neurons that determine a pet’s intelligence based on the number. It has been discovered that dogs have more neurons than cats and are thus considered more intelligent. In addition, dogs can memorize words and even solve complex puzzles.
However, some cats can also do the same things; thus, it is not easy to know which is the smarter of the two species.

Use of Senses.

Dogs have long used their senses to benefit humans. Security officers use them to detect bombs, track criminals and even warn people of danger. It is important to note that dogs do so simply by relying on their intelligence. Some of the signs dogs use include whining or anxious barking. Cats, on the other hand, tend to have a sixth sense too. Some cats make sounds to alert owners when they sense danger. Both cats and dogs have similar sensory habits; thus, it’s hard to distinguish the superior one.

Social Intelligence.

Dogs have proven time and again to be very intelligent socially. This is based on how they interact with humans. Some dogs are even used in shows to create performances. The fact that dogs can easily interact with men, follow instructions, and master tricks proves that they are quite intelligent. On the other hand, cats are also intelligent as they can take up instructions too. Cats are also able to interact with humans and form a
bond. The question remains whether classifying either of them as intelligent is proof enough solely based on their social interaction.

Roles of Dogs and Cats.

Dogs have been well known to have good behaviors. They can be easily trained to perform different tasks. Most families mainly keep dogs for the sole purpose of protection. Their ability to take and understand instructions quickly has made them viewed as intelligent. Dogs have long been involved even in crime and rescue missions countless times. This attribute tends to make dogs be viewed as smarter. Cats are also able to take up tasks from their owners pretty well. However, cats do not offer protection easily, as some seem scared. Compared to the roles they perform, dogs are said to be smarter simply because of their roles.


Behaviors have long drawn an indefinite conclusion on which pet is smarter. Dogs tend to be well-mannered as they benefit their owners in performing tasks. When put on a schedule, they can follow instructions
keenly. Some dogs have even been said to help their owner with tasks in the house. Their ability to sense and provide a helping hand to their owners makes them be viewed as intelligent. In addition, dogs take up the
habit of constantly helping. They are good at helping both humans and animals as they can sense danger.
Cats are equally good at following a routine too. Cats are also able to tell when their owner needs help.
Therefore, it is harder to know which is smarter between dogs and cats.

Emotional Intelligence.

Dogs have been said to be more emotionally intelligent than cats. This is because some dogs have been seen weeping when their owners are crying too. Dogs sometimes sense when one is in danger or needs urgent care. Their responses make people think they are connected to and understand them. Dogs, at times, can tell if a stranger has good or bad intentions. They provide responses in the form of barking to pass on a message.
This attribute makes dogs be viewed as intelligent. Cats are also said to be emotionally intelligent, as they tend to make a fuss whenever they need something or are uncomfortable. The difference in emotional intelligence between dogs and cats is interlinked and thus hard to prove.

Use of Technology.

The use of technology has made it possible to tell how smart dogs are. Dogs are nowadays used in armies in Special Forces to operate computers. This attribute of dogs being able to operate devices makes them be viewed as smart. Some dogs go as far as learning how to call for help using smartphones and even taking selfies. This type of behavior shows dogs are quite intelligent. In addition, some cats can also take selfies with their owners without making a fuss. Although dogs are more technologically advanced, cats have been able to use technology too.


Dogs have taken up an active role when it comes to training. They easily adapt and follow instructions when training. Some are also known for helping their owners in the gym to make them fit. Well-trained dogs can
hunt for food and not wait to given it. Cats are, however, said to be difficult to train. Some cats are very aggressive and scratch people when they are unhappy. However, this can also be said to be an intelligent act as they are acting on their instincts and emotions. They are a bit complex to take up instructions.


In conclusion, dogs can be said to be smarter than cats, even if it has not been concluded to be true. This can be attributed to their behavior as they are independent. They tend to be loyal and loving to their owners, making them emotionally connected. The fact that dogs can sense danger, send warning signs and even protect the owner from danger proves that they are very smart. Therefore, dogs have widely been considered to be smarter than cats.

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