9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

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9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With! (With Pictures)

Do you want a fluffy orange cat breed? Don’t go for random selection and find the best cat for you.

Abyssinian cat, Persian cat, British shorthair, Exotic shorthair cat, Maine coon cat, Devon Rex, Munchkin, Somali and Bengal cats are some prominent fluffy orange cat breeds loved by cat owners throughout the world. With orange as a common color, there are many distinct features of these cat breeds that make them unique.

Typically, the orange color is common in all these fluffy cats but there are many other features like physical features, coat characteristics, grooming, social interaction, activity, and many other things that should come into questioning. Some people are more allergic to fluffy cats You can learn about the Ragdoll cat here. This guide of 9 fluffy orange cat breeds comprises every detail of these cats. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

1. Abyssinian Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest fluffy orange cats that originated all way back to ancient Egypt. It don’t look so fluffy, but they are soft. These medium-sized cats with lithe bodies and long, slender legs. The round, wedge-shaped head and large almond shape eyes make Abyssinian cats attractive.

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Coat characteristics – Though the coat color is orange, still you can find shades of Ruddy, red, blue, fawn and cinnamon.

Grooming and maintenance – The orange furry coat of these cats is smooth and shiny with short hair and has less shedding. When shedding is not a problem, means they are easy to maintain and groom. So, if you cannot keep a cat for extensive shedding, you can mark an Abyssinian cat due to fewer grooming requirements.

Socialization – Similarly, they are highly active and don’t let you bored. Their high activity keeps everyone engage and proves great addition to your family. Above all, they have dog-like attachment to their owners and prefer to be an involved member of the family.

Activity – They also love other animals and can spend hours playing with their own toys and puzzles. A loveable quality of these cats is they talk to you in a soft and quite voice and it is almost desire of every cat owner that cats give response to their affection and attention. Their attentiveness makes them best training cats and when not busy in their games, they keep eye on their owners and take notes of their move to follow them.

2. Persian Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Persian cat is one of the most favorite orange cats that originated in Persia and were preferential cats among the elite class. Now they are warming the hearts of cat parents around the globe. Typically, they have a round face with a normal-length nose a sweet expression without any aggressive looks. As with increased breeding, many more flat-faced Persian cats have been produced so there is an equal chance that your Persian cat is either flat-faced or round-faced.

Coat characteristics – You will also see red fur patterned with other colors to give stunning coat shades.

Grooming and Maintenance – Plus, their coat is fluffy with long hair that is frequently shed. So, you can say they require a little more grooming and care. You need to brush their hair every day to prevent mats from forming and give a bath to your kitty at least once per month to keep their fur looking vibrant and silky soft. They also don’t mind sitting in your lap and having a grooming session.

Socialization – Persian cats are not super friendly. There is no doubt in their sweetness but they are calm and love to sit in their lap. They reserve their attention for family members and those few guests whom they feel they can trust.

Activity – You need to be careful to keep Persian cats with other pets and dogs as they don’t like to be chased or do other anxious activities. But they have playtime and can even climb your curtains, furniture and anywhere they want.

3. Exotic Shorthair Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Exotic shorthair cats are the short-haired version of Persian cats and were created accidentally in an effort of breeding but these cats are super cute with their gentle expressions. They share many characteristics with Persian cats and are round all-around having a round head, round, ears, eyes, beautiful round paws, and all-around rounded body.

Coat characteristics – The coat of exotic shorthair cats is orange with a huge variety of patterns. These also include a range of different tabby markings. You can also find cream, cream-colored orange, or reddish shades in the coat of exotic shorthair cats.

Grooming and maintenance – As the hairs are not very long, exotic shorthair cats require comparatively less maintenance and grooming than Persian cats. Many cat owners loving Persian cats cannot manage their daily grooming so prefer exotic shorthair cats. For this reason, exotic shorthair cats carry the nickname “The Lazy Man’s Persian.”

Socialization – Exotic shorthair cats are generally very friendly and social but they are often fearful and shy of unknown persons. If they have to engage with strangers, they feel a lot more comfortable having their favorite persons close by.

Activity – They are also active and playful with full of curiosity. You will find them playing and cuddling with other furry companions and having a great time.

4. Maine Coon Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Maine Coon Cat is a large cat breed with large tufted ears that are wide at the base and tapering to a point. Plus, their large expressive eyes with green, gold, or copper shades make these cats highly attractive. The reason for Maine coon cats’ popularity is their size as they are huge with male cats ranging in size from 13 to 18 pounds and female cats 9 to 16 pounds. This fluffy cat has water repellant fur with frequent shedding and you can find red smoke, solid red, red-tabby shades of orange in Maine coon cats.

Grooming and maintenance – As their fur is quite thick and long, these cats need more maintenance. Brushing and cleaning their long fur keep them well-organized and give neat look. Similarly, their coat is quite thick therefore susceptible to diseases. So, ensure to entertain their grooming to prevent the incidence of skin diseases.

Socialization – Most probably after knowing the size of the Maine coon cat, you assumed that these cats are aggressive and dominant but this is wrong. You will be amazed to know this cat breed earned the nickname of “Gentle Giant” for their massive size and polite expressions. Thus, they are friendly and socializing, and easy to train.

Activity – Maine coon cats are active and play with kids and other pets.

5. Devon Rex

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Devon Rex is originated naturally in England and is known for slim bodies, wide eyes, narrow faces, and pointy ears. These are medium-sized cats weighing 6 to 9 pounds and standing tall.

Coat characteristics – These cats have short hair coats with solid, bicolor, or tricolors and the colors you can find in Devon Rex coat are orange, reddish-orange, tan, cream, and many others but orange color give them a special combination to its dense wavy coat.

Grooming and maintenance – Devon Rex cats have fewer shedding problems are therefore cause fewer allergic reactions in their owners. Plus a huge benefit of their low shedding and short coat is their less grooming. You can easily spend days without brushing or trimming their fur. Above all, there will be fewer amounts of loose hairs left behind on furniture and fabric.

Socialization – Similarly, they are socializing, friendly towards other pets, strangers, family members, first-time pet owners and tolerate being picked up. Thus if you want to have a friendly cat in your home where kids or adults equally want feline friends, you must go for Daven Rex to add a spark of energy to your place.

Activity – If you are lazier or don’t like playing or making hustle, it is better to not adopt Devon Rex because they are full of energy, playful, and daring. Their restlessness cannot allow them to idly sit at your place. The cat is always jumping or climbing and offers pleasing performances. Due to its hyperactive and playful nature, it is known with nicknames like “Poodle Cat” and “Monkey in a Cat Suit”.

6. British Shorthair

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

British shorthair cats are one of the oldest recognized cat breeds first thought to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. This fluffy orange cat breed has stunning orange eyes that make it head-to-tail orange cat. British shorthair cat is also easy o recognize for its eye color and thick legs rounded heads, broad chest, and chubby cheeks.

Coat characteristics – It would not be wrong to say a British shorthair cat is a fluffy ball of fur. These cats have thick fur and people often mistake them for a teddy bear. Although the coat length is short it is thick and plushy. In addition to orange, you can see a red, beige, fawn, and many other colors with varying patterns.

Grooming and maintenance – British shorthair cats shed occasionally therefore need your time for grooming. Daily brushing their furry coat is smooth but brushing once a week is necessary to keep their coat free of loose hair and dirt.

Socialization – When it comes to the interaction of British shorthair cats to others, you must know they are worth it. They offer special affection to first-time cat owners and are less demanding. British shorthair cats easily make furry friends, kids, adults, and pet owners. Above all, this happy breed loves a good romp as a night stretched out in front of the television. They thrive on attention but also value personal space and hugs.

Activity – British shorthair cats are not very active but their inactivity cannot undermine their loving and affectionate nature. Plus, you can easily train them.

7. Munchkin

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Munchkin is considered to be the first dwarf cat breed with short legs. This fluffy orange cat breed is noticeably low to the ground with legs that are about 3 inches shorter than the average feline. The rest of the Munchkin body is pretty typical of your other cats and most adults weigh somewhere between 6 to 9 pounds.

Coat characteristics – Munchkin cats come in all color combinations and coat styles and can have short coats, long coats, or be hairless. Remember, short-haired Munchkins have medium-density coats while long haired cats have silky smooth fur. Popular coat shades and patterns are tabby, solid black, orange and calico.

Grooming and maintenance – As their coat length and style varies, so is their shedding. Some cats shed more while other less. Similarly, grooming your munchkin will be guided by their coat style. If your feline friend is short haired, brush weekly. But long haired Munchkin should be brushed more frequently to keep their coat free of tangles, loose hair and dust. It will be pleasant to know that your Munchkin will clean herself but her limited leg reach can make hygiene a little difficult. So, give it bath, trim nails and clean ears occasionally.

Socialization – These tiny cats are very friendly, socialize with humans, and form close bond with their owners. Making human and pet friends does not bother these kittens and they can easily go to strangers.

Activity – Munchkins are active and love to run and jump despite their small stature. But they don’t need a lot is the way human-guided exercises. They run and play all day and provide with cat toys, and scratchers to help them work out their energy.

8. Somali Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Somali cat is perfect fluffy orange cat with sweet face. These cats have large almond eyes, large pointed ears, and bold facial markings. The long tail gives a fox like appearance and Somali is also as sneaky as a fox.

Coat characteristics – This vibrant orange cat has solid long coat and you can see colors of Somali like red, ruddy, fawn and blue. They have individual hairs having between six and 24 band of alternating colors from root to the tip and this color quality of coat is worth it. People also nicknamed Somali cat as “Fox Cats”.

Grooming and maintenance – You don’t need much time for grooming or caring Somali. It sheds normal and needs regular brushing, bathing and gentle caring routine.

Socialization – Somali cat is friendly and socializing becoming friend of everyone around.

Activity – If you think you can silently live with your Somali Cat, it would be your dream. This hyperactive cat breed neither sits silently nor let others. You may find it anywhere in your house and you can teach your cat a few tricks within no time, your furry feline can perform functions like opening doors and knocking. Similarly, it aims at objects at higher places and knocking them off just to see how they land.

9. Bengal Cat

9 Fluffy Orange Cat Breeds (Pictures) You’ll Fall in Love!

Bengal cats are more like wild cats originating from hybrid between domestic cats and the Asian leopards. These fluffy cats look more like wild jungle cats and weigh between 8 to 15 pounds.

Coat characteristics – This spectacular breed has spotted or marbled coat that look like a lot like a wild leopard or ocelot. They are prized for their dense, short coat that is boldly patterned in different shades of brown, silver and snow.

Grooming and maintenance – Similarly, these cats are not difficult to maintain and need weekly brushing to remove loose hair and dead skin cells. Otherwise, give it normal care routine of bathing, trimming and cutting to keep tip top.

Socialization – Despite wild looks, Bengal cats are soft and sweet inside. They are affectionate and gracious towards kids and other family members. But it would be great to early socialize to household members at a younger age. If you try to introduce a new pet to older Bengal cat, you may have a challenge.

Activity – Bengal cats are long jumpers and highly active. They love playing with toys, and also known to love water and enjoy a shallow tub.

Conclusion – Fluffy Orange Cats

Orange cats have special fascination. Their warm color and fluffy body make them perfect cats one must have. So, you must have marked your favorite fluffy orange cat breeds to find one. Regardless of which orange cat breed you get, ensure to give it supportive environment and fellow pets. Also, routinely groom to make it smooth and shiny so everyone cuddle and make special bond with your furry feline.

Plus, if your cat is uncomfortable with strangers or not willing to do anything, don’t force or expect to do it because every cat breed has its interests. Over expecting can make your cat feel uncomfortable at your place.

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