Can Dogs Eat Apple Jacks? 

Can Dogs Eat Apple Jacks? 

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Can Dogs Eat Apple Jacks?

Apple jacks is a super tasty cereal kids, and adults love to have for breakfast or as a treat. But what about dogs, ‘Can dogs eat apple jacks’ or not?

Quick Answer

No. Dogs cannot eat Apple Jacks due to high-sugar content, salt, and other ingredients that have no nutritional value for dogs. They make digestion of the cereal difficult, and your dog suffers from many interlinked diseases. 

Thus, if you give your dog Apple Jacks, make sure to understand all the possible consequences that come with it. If he did what will happen?

So, let’s dive in!

Can Your Dog Eat Apple Jacks?

If you are fond of Apple Jacks, your dog in no way should be fed this cereal even if you’re eating it. This is because of Apple Jacks’ ingredients that make it unsuitable for dogs.

For instance, sugar is the main ingredient of these types of cereals. And, it can result in many problems in your dog.

Problems that sugar in cereal can cause:

  • Sugar naturally contained in fruits and vegetables is safe. But when talked about granulated sugar, you should be clear that it is not a good choice for your dog. In fact, sugary cereals such as Apple Jacks provide empty calories and lead to weight gain in dogs. Weight gain is the root cause of many diseases, and your furry baby becomes prone to severe conditions like osteoarthritis, heart failure, skin problems, and even some types of cancers.
  • Sugar-rich food can really upset your dogs’ stomach and cause problems, including vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. This is because sweet meals are made for humans, but if your dog gets a chance to eat a bowl full of Apple Jacks, there is no doubt that you are going to be visiting your vet very quickly.
  • One cup serving of apple jacks cereal contains 12 grams of sugar!!

– In addition to sugar with zero benefits, other ingredients also have no nutritional value in your dogs’ diet.

Apple Jacks Ingredients 
Wheat flour 
Whole grain oat flour 
Food starch 
Corn flour 
Baking Soda
Dried Apples
Apple Juice
– Apple Jack Ingredients 

Is Eating Apple Jacks Healthy for Dogs?

Applejacks have no considerable nutritional value and are not a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. The problem increases when dogs, with high food allergies eat the cereal as wheat is the main ingredient in Apple Jacks and its a common food allergen in dogs.

If your dog is also sensitive to wheat flour or foods that contain wheat, there is a very high chance that your dog will show a wheat allergy reaction. Typically, it is not life-threatening, and your dog develops some minor recognizable signs.

The symptoms of wheat allergy in dogs are:

  • Skin itching
  • Rubbing face with objects or on carpet
  • Shaking of the head
  • Licking paws
  • Seizures
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear infections
  • Behavioral changes
Can Dogs Eat Apple Jacks? 

How to Deal with Wheat Allergy in Dogs?

Dealing with dog food allergies is critical, as they show mixed reactions. In the first attempt, you might not be able to decide whether it’s a common side effect or due to allergens. If your dog shows above mentioned symptoms, you must get conscious as they indicate your dog cannot eat wheat products, including Apple Jacks.

It’s better to stop feeding this cereal to your dog to avoid a situation as mentioned above. 

Give your vet details of cereal, its ingredients, reaction severity, and history of food reactions in the past. Typically, your veterinarian will prescribe an exclusion diet containing a unique source of carbs and protein that your dog has never eaten before. During this course, your vet will closely monitor your dog’s progress and observe allergic signs.

If your dog shows improvement on an exclusion diet, it confirms that an ingredient in your dogs’ former diet was the cause of an allergy. This way, you can easily figure out whether your dog is allergic to wheat or not.

Conclusion – Can Dogs Have Apple Jacks?

In conclusion, dogs in no way should consume Apple Jacks as they contain sugar and wheat that can cause extreme problems within dogs.

Give them an alternative treat! Cereals aren’t always the best option.

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