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Do Dogs Get Period Cramps? Like Us Humans Do? 

Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 07:00 am

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Do Dogs Get Period Cramps Like Us Humans Do? 

Nearly everyone knows that women get periods, but many people don’t know that dogs get them too. And like humans, dogs experience period cramps. Period cramps are mild pain and discomfort that can happen during or after a woman’s period. They’re usually caused by low levels of estrogen, and they typically go away after a few days. In this article, we’ll explore the causes and symptoms of period cramps in dogs, and we’ll give you tips on how to treat them. 

Quick Answer:

Yes, dogs do get period cramps just like us humans. However, a dog’s period cramp is usually much less severe than that of a human. 

Let’s Dive In!

Do Dogs Get Period Cramps? 

Yes, dogs get periods too. And, like humans, they experience severe period cramps that can cause pain, nausea, and vomiting.

If you’ve ever been around a dog during her period, you’ve almost certainly noticed the decrease in her activity and the increase in her discomfort. Some dogs seem to get severe period cramps, and they might vomit or even require pain medication. In most dogs, however, the cramps are minor and get better without any treatment. Some breeds of dogs seem to experience period cramps more than others, and it’s possible that there’s a genetic component to the problem. This could mean that period cramps are more common than you think. In any case, it’s important to know the symptoms of period cramps in dogs so that you can help your pet if she needs it. 

Interesting Note: Researchers have identified a few risk factors that may make a dog more likely to experience period cramps. For example, some studies have found that certain breeds are more prone to period cramps than others. 

What Are The Causes Of Period Cramps In Dogs? 

There are many possible reasons why your dog might experience period cramps. However, there is one main one which of course is a dogs monthly cycle. However, some of the other factors that could cause period cramps in dogs include:

  1. Low levels of estrogen in your dog’s body This is the most common reason for period cramps in dogs. Your dog’s monthly cycle is a mix of estrogen and progesterone. If estrogen levels drop, cramps can occur.
  2. Strenuous exercise or intense exercise during the build-up to your dog’s period -Exercise can increase blood flow, which can cause cramps.
  3. Being sick – In some cases, your dog’s period cramps might be caused by an illness.
  4. The presence of bacteria in your dog’s body Some dogs experience period cramps when they have bacteria in their system.
  5. Kidney disease or infection – Period cramps might be a sign of an underlying health problem. 

Do Dogs Experience Pain During Their Period Cramps? 

Some people experience pain or cramping during their period. And while some dogs may experience pain, they don’t typically experience severe period cramp pain.

Pain during your dog’s period cramps is rare, but some dogs get leg pain or abdominal pain during the week before their period starts. If your dog is in pain, she might be unable to get around as easily as usual. She might also experience a decrease in her appetite. Many dogs will experience pain during their period cramps, but some might only show mild discomfort. If your dog is experiencing period cramps, you might notice that she moves more slowly than usual, and she might even sit on her hind legs and cry. 

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How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Experiencing Period Cramps? 

Dog owners can usually tell if their pup is experiencing period cramps if her behavior changes. If your dog is experiencing cramps, her activity level will decrease. You might notice that she moves more slowly, and she might even sit on her hind legs. She might also grunt or sniff the ground. If you suspect that your dog is experiencing period cramps, you can try to see if you can see signs if you notice them while they’re happening. If your dog is sitting or lying down, you might notice that her whiskers are pressed against the ground. You might notice that she’s breathing more heavily than usual. If your dog is experiencing cramps, you might also notice that she’s more thirsty than usual. If your dog is experiencing cramps, you might notice that she’s more thirsty than usual.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Having a Lot of Period Cramps? 

If your dog is experiencing a lot of period cramps, you can try to treat the symptoms using methods that we’ll mention next.

You can give your dog water, ice cubes, baby food, or even medicine. You can also try resting her from exercise and providing her with extra water. You can also try changing your dog’s diet. If you feed your dog kibble, try changing her diet to a high-quality dog food. Some dog foods contain proteins that help reduce cramps and bloating. 

If you notice that your dog is having a lot of period cramps, it’s a good idea to contact your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can perform blood tests to check for low estrogen levels. 

How Can You Treat Period Cramps In Dogs? 

If you notice that your dog is experiencing period cramps, you can try to treat the symptoms. There are a number of things you can do to help relieve your dog’s period cramps.

  • When your dog is in pain, a brisk walk can help relieve anxiety and help them focus on their surroundings. If this is not possible, try placing them in a quiet room so they can calm down. Even a gentle massage can help ease their discomfort. If your dog will be walking for long distances during their period, start with short walks and build up over time. Take breaks along the way if needed. Taking these steps will also ensure that your pup is getting enough rest between periods.
    If all else fails, seek veterinary attention to rule out underlying medical conditions or treat any underlying pain.

Best Way To Treat The Cramps:

Those are all great ways however, the only true way to 100% stop the cramps are to get her spayed. Spaying will stop her heat cycle completely and with that so will the cramps. Spaying is a procedure, where the ovaries and uterus are removed completely in order to sterilize a female dog.

Conclusion – Dog Period Cramps

In summary, period cramps in dogs are caused by low levels of estrogen in your dog’s body. They typically go away on their own after a few days. If you notice that your dog is experiencing period cramps, you can try to treat them. However, the only true way to get rid of cramps is to get your dog spayed.  They can also experience severe period cramps if they have low levels of estrogen in their bodies.

It’s best to contact your vet if you’re unsure of what to do!

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