Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow? | Sleep Under Covers

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow? | Sleep Under Covers

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Chihuahua Hiding Under Covers

Chihuahua owners love to ask this one common  interesting question, ‘Why does my Chihuahua burrow?’

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Quick Answer

Chihuahua burrowing activity is normal to some extent and shows their natural behavior. But some situations such as cold, fear, anxiety, illness, and nervousness result in their burrowing. Similarly, if your Chihuahua is expecting, they will hide under covers to find a nesting place.

If you are still worried about your Chihuahua’s hiding habit, try to stay calm. We’ll go over some of the main reasons as to why Chihuahuas burrow. 

Some need medical care while others require your attention. Therefore, you should know everything and find out whether your pup is safely burrowing or something is wrong. 

Let’s dive in!

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow?

Burrowing is the act of cuddling up or curling up in something warming, whether to find peace or to simply sleep. Chihuahuas put their heads in blankets and other soft objects to burrow.

In many situations, Chihuahuas burrow due to chilly temperatures. But this isn’t the only reason because your pup can have some dramatic burrowing activities around the house. At last, you end up searching for him under the clothes!

So, before investigating for reasons, let’s see what psychology says about a Chihuahuas’ burrowing behavior.

Chihuahua Burrowing – What psychology Says!

According to the psychology of Chihuahuas, they like to cuddle and lean against you to show love and affection, it keeps them warm.

So, you can say that Chihuahuas burrowing is their natural behavior.

Some Reasons:

  • If your Chihuahua burrows too much, don’t be scared of this little burrower as they like to burrow and sleep under covers this way. It keeps them warm in colder temperatures and helps cover anxiety and restlessness.
  • Sometimes they need rest in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and burrowing can help to fulfill their desire. They feel comfort in burrowing, which helps them enjoy a good sleep.
  • You will be amazed to know that research was carried out about Chihuahuas burrowing, and it was found they are more aggressive than other dogs. And in small dog breeds, this aggression comes from the wrong behavior of owners towards their dogs. If you deal with the burrowing habit of your Chi wrongly, it can be dangerous for both of you. Beware of these little doggies!
Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow? | Sleep Under Covers

Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep UnderCovers?

Chihuahuas tend to be a little lazy. Most of them choose to sleep and nap all day, under covers. Your dog may simply enjoy sleeping. That’s why he might prefer burrowing under blankets or garments all the time. So, you don’t need to worry about it as sleeping under covers is safe, and they feel more relaxed in a small space.

However, you should always check out health conditions because, in some cases, they prefer resting due to bad health. 

Note that you can teach them to nap in a particular location, and they’ll have their preferences.

Don’t forget that Chihuahuas sleeping under cover may also show specific concerns such as:

Instinctive Behavior

Many Chihuahuas burrow instinctively. Like a species of wild dog breeds, a Chihuahua will burrow to either find shelter or to gather food.

Typically, they have a link to this activity from their past. Their ancestors used to dig and burrow in the ground to protect themselves from hunters or other large predators who would take advantage of their small size.

On the other hand, your pup may also burrow to seek safe covering or protection. They want to hide from both weather and other large dogs to prevent fighting. Sometimes their forefathers burrow to search for food in severe environments. So it is obvious that they have hiding and burrowing habits in their genes. You can find them under bed covers, stacks of blankets, or anything they find comforting.

Temperature Susceptibility

Chihuahuas like to burrow and sleep under the covers because of their coats. As Chihuahuas are small, their coats are thin and delicate, which means your pup may become chilly more frequently in cooler surroundings. He cannot bear cold, and instead of shivering, your little genius Chi would love to snatch your blanket and burrow inside!

Another amazing fact about Chihuahuas burrowing from the cold is they were bred for the warmth of Mexico. But there is no fault that people of cold areas love them. That is why your dog finds blankets or covers the safest place to get warmth.

Anxiety or Illness

Chihuahuas are very social, but sadly they become stressed if left alone for an extended period. If you are too busy to spend time with your dog and keep him in the home, there is no doubt that your pup becomes sad.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas may also seek to burrow themselves in warm and soft blankets in response to their anxiety. Smaller spaces can help increase their anxiety, so make sure to keep your pet in a reasonably wide space.

Remember, their loneliness can also result in separation anxiety. .

So, if you often find Chihuahuas curled up under a blanket or pillow, you should get in a second that something is wrong. Get him and try to figure out the problem. Still, if he feels disturbed, take him to the vet and seek medical advice.

Nervousness at a New Place

Chihuahuas can be anxious about entering a new family. Normally, pets take time to settle in a new place, and they may burrow throughout this time.

If your Chihuahua continues this activity, you can gently bring him to walk about the house for a bit. He will welcome this placement to the new home, as well as your help in keeping him comfortable.

Hiding from Others

Chihuahuas are delicate canines who dislike fighting. If your pup is afraid of someone around or does not like to hang out with other pets, he may get offended and sleep undercover.

That is why you need to be observant and notice whether your dog loves the company of his fellow pets or not.

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow? | Sleep Under Covers

Pregnancy Symptoms

If your female Chihuahua’s burrowing behavior is odd and unexpected, she may be seeking to build a nest for the new litter she is expecting.

This can occur when your female Chihuahua is expecting, as well as during episodes of pseudo-pregnancy, in which your Chihuahua incorrectly due to hormonal imbalance and abnormalities feels she is “with puppies.” This condition also needs your attention and your vet’s advice.

Why do Chihuahuas like to Cuddle?

One of the most common reasons for Chihuahua cuddling is attention and love. Showing love and affection to their owners.

As they are great companion dogs, that enjoy your company, they want to receive the same friendly behavior from your side. So if you are doing home chores or ignore your pet, they will come to you and try to cuddle you.

De sure, your love, hugs, and kisses don’t make him annoyed and aggressive.

Is a Chihuahuas Burrowing an Alarming Call?

Chihuahuas burrowing is not much alarming unless there is a severe problem. These dogs burrow under blankets and any soft object they will see around to meet their comfort level.

In the many situations, the burrowing you’re seeing can be justified by the chilly weather, but this isn’t the main reason Chihuahuas burrow into any fluffy object they can discover. This is also because they don’t have a fluffy body that can make them warm and cozy. So, they have only the option of taking a blanket and enjoying the warmth.

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow? | Sleep Under Covers

Can I stop My Chihuahua from Burrowing?

As this burrowing activity is in the genes of Chihuahua, there is no way to stop them from doing so, as it is natural to them.

Ensure your Chihuahua gets proper exercise during the day. Because Chihuahuas are highly social and should be around some people, ensure their hobbies involve fun. By encouraging positive burrowing behavior, you can help your cuddle bud stay calm and happy.

Conclusion – Chihuahua Burrowing

In conclusion, Chihuahuas burrow due to their instincts, but it could also be an indication of tension, worry, or another condition that you should investigate as you offer the greatest attention to your dog.

Remember that not all Chihuahuas burrow for much the same reasons. Keep checking if your lovely Chi is getting sad and is becoming aggressive. If you can determine that they are burrowing for pleasure, encourage that behavior by offering blankets and cuddling with your lovely pup!

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