The 250 Most Unique and Uncommon Dog Names

The 250 Most Unique and Uncommon Dog Names

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The 250 Most Unique and Uncommon Dog Names 2022

A great dog name is one that stands out and makes your pup unique. After all, they’re a part of the family, so it’s about time we found them a fitting name! We’ve compiled some of the best names for you to choose from – ones that are not only unique but also meaningful.  Personally my dogs name was buffy an adorable dog. There were just so many names to choose from. I compiled the top names down below and from certain categories. 

Creating a unique name for your dog is important. This allows you to have the best relationship with them, as it helps establish an identity that makes your pup feel special and cared for. It’s also just fun!  

There are so many cute names out there – but not all of them are original or uncommon enough to make an impact on everyone. That’s why we’ve created a list of 250 unique dog names that you’ll love. 

We’ve got everything from the traditional (but still uncommon) names like Apollo and Athena to the more modern choices such as Tesla or Juno. So whatever your style, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into them! 

uncommon male dog names

25 Most Unique and Uncommon Male Dog Names 

  1. Chance  A unique male dog name that doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does, Chance is short and sweet. It’s also excellent if your pup likes taking risks (and sometimes comes out on top!). 
  2. Hawk – This fierce name is superb for a pup who loves to hunt and play outdoors. It’s also excellent if you’re looking for unique male dog names that have an animal feel to them. 
  3. Hunter – A great choice for a pup who loves the outdoors, Hunter is another strong name that means “the seeker.” 
  4. Justice – This powerful name is absolute for a pup who is always fair and just. It’s also excellent if you’re looking for unique male dog names that have a strong meaning behind them. 
  5. Kai – A Japanese name meaning “sea,” Kai is an excellent choice for a pup who loves the water. It’s one of our favorite male dog names, as it has a really cool meaning! 
  6. Lincoln – This historical name is distinctive for a pup who loves to learn and explore. It’s also excellent if you want a collection of male dog names that have a strong meaning behind them. 
  7. Maxwell – Named after the physicist, this name means “the greatest,” and it’s a great choice for your most special pup! 
  8. Ranger – A cute and strong name meaning “protector,” Ranger is an unusual name for a pup who loves to play and protect his family. 
  9. Thor – This name originates from Norse mythology, and it’s perfect for a pup who is loyal and brave. It also means “the thunder.” 
  10. Vader – A unique male dog name that comes to us straight out of Star Wars lore, Vader means “father” in Dutch. It’s short but strong! 
  11. Adonis – Named after the Greek god of beauty and desire, Adonis is superb for a pup who is well-loved by everyone he meets. 
  12. Blackbeard – This unique name means “little beak,” and it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for strong but cute male dog names with fun nicknames! It also makes for a fun pirate-inspired name. 
  13. Cameron – This cute and strong male dog name means “crooked nose,” and it’s exceptional for a pup who is fiercely loyal to his family. It also makes an excellent choice for those on the look-up for trendy dog names that have nicknames built right in! 
  14. Finn – A cute but strong name meaning “fair,” this is ideal for your pup if you’re looking for the best names that have an animal feel to them. 
  15. Jedi– This cool Star Wars-inspired name means “one who is enlightened” and makes a great choice if you want something short but meaningful. It also comes with the bonus of being easy to shout out when your pup is being mischievous. 
  16. Maverick – This name means “independent” and is a unique name that has an animal feel to it. It also makes for a cute and fun pirate-inspired dog name! 
  17. Mickey – This short but adorable male dog name means “who is like God?” and would make an excellent choice if you’re searching for one of the more meaningful names on this list. The nickname Mick is also a lot of fun! 
  18. Nash – This strong and unique name means “the champion” and is absolute for a pup who loves to play and win.  
  19. Odin– Named after the Norse god, this powerful name means “the victorious one.” It’s lovely for a pup who loves to be the best and is always up for a challenge. 
  20. Rex– This regal name means “king” in Latin, and it’s quirky for a pup who likes to rule the house!
  21. Sarge– This strong and unique name means “sergeant” and is perfect for a pup who loves to lead the pack.  
  22. Sonic– This cool and unique name means “quick as the wind” and is superb for a pup who loves to run and play.  
  23. Teddy– This soft and adorable name means “protector” in Greek and is a perfect fit for a pup who loves to snuggle up with you on the couch. 
  24. Wyatt – This strong and unique name means “the protector” and is a good choice for a pup who loves to keep his family safe.  
  25. Zeus– The king of the gods in Greek mythology, Zeus is an excellent choice for a pup who loves to be the center of attention. 
female dog names

25 Most Unique and  Uncommon Female Dog Names 

  1. Aurora – This name means “dawn” and is lovely if you’re looking for unique boy dog names or unusual female dog names that aren’t too frilly. 
  2. Juniper – Named for the evergreen shrub, this is a cute and unique dog name meaning “born during the winter solstice.” 
  3. Athena – Another Greek-inspired choice that also happens to be one of the most uncommon female dog names. It’s superb if you’re looking for a strong and powerful name. 
  4. Sarabi – This Swahili name means “mirage” and is distinctive for your pup who loves to play in the sun. 
  5. Ziva – Meaning “radiance” in Hebrew, this is a beautiful choice for a light-hearted dog. 
  6. Nyx – This dark goddess name originates from Greek mythology and is quirky for your dark-haired pup. 
  7. Astraea – This name originates from ancient Greece, meaning “star.” If you love the stars (and astrology), why not consider this as a unique dog name? It’s one of the most uncommon female names out there! 
  8. Libra – A beautiful name for your well-balanced pup.
  9. Hecate – This ancient Greek goddess name means “far off” or “remote.” You can change it up by adding a little twist to make Hekate, which is perfect if you’re looking for uncommon dog names that are also unique. 
  10. Mallory – This name originates from England and means “unfortunate” or “ill-fated.” It’s another great choice for a dog who has faced some hardship in its life. 
  11. Astrid – This uncommon female name hails from Sweden and is superb if you’re looking for unique and uncommon names that aren’t overly feminine (and come with an adorable diminutive).
  12. Pallas – This is another strong name inspired by Greek mythology. Pallas was the goddess of wisdom, so it’s captivating for your pup who loves to learn new things! 
  13. Sidra – This Arabic name means “star.” It’s a lovely dog name that has a celestial feel to it. 
  14. Aiko – A Japanese female name that means “beloved child,” this is an adorable choice for your pup.
  15. Kali – This Hindu goddess’s name means “the black one.” It’s an exceptional choice for your pup if you’re looking for an uncommon female dog name with a dark edge. 
  16. Raven – This dark and mysterious name means “the one who knows.” 
  17. Zola – This African name means “happiness” and is superb for a pup who always brings you joy. 
  18. Dahlia – Meaning “from the valley,” this cute choice comes from Norse origins. It’s one of our favourite rare female dog names, as it has such a lovely meaning behind it! 
  19. Blythe – A pretty English name meaning “happy, carefree.” 
  20. Juno – This Roman goddess name is distinctive for your pup if you’re looking for a strong and unique female dog name. It was also the name of the wife of Jupiter, so it’s exceptional for those who love mythology! 
  21. Sedona – Just, has a pretty cool ring to it “Sedona!” Love it!
  22. Horus – Meaning “the distant one,” taken from the sky in ancient Egyptian mythology. 
  23. Fiona – You probably will recognize this name from the movie series “Shrek”. 
  24. Mira – This Arabic name means “the wonderful.” It’s an excellent choice for your amazing dog! 
  25. Phoenix – A beautiful name meaning “rising from the ashes,” this is an excellent choice for a pup who has overcome hardship. 

200 Dog Names By Categories 

badass dog names

20 Badass Dog Names For Your Cool Pup

  1. Twist – This cool and trendy name comes from a place known as a town in Italy that was once a powerful republic. It’s exceptional for your pup if he loves to be the center of attention 
  2. Guinness– It’s unique badass and means surprising 
  3. Baxter – This traditional and popular name means “bailiff” in old English making it an exceptional choice if your dog loves to be called sweetly.
  4. Bowie – This cool and trendy name comes from a place known as an area in England that’s known for its beautiful coastline.
  5. Buddy – This traditional and popular name means “companion” in English, for your newly born puppy.
  6. Cali – This cool and trendy name comes from an area known as a state in America that has beautiful beaches.
  7. Calypso – This exotic and charming name comes from an area known as a city in America.
  8. Casper – This cute and fun name comes from an area known as a town in America with beautiful canyons making it a superb choice.
  9. Dallas – This cool and trendy name comes from an area known as a city in America.
  10. Dapper – This traditional and popular name means “smartly dressed” in old English.
  11. Dash – This cool and trendy name comes from an area known.
  12. Dillon – This traditional and popular name means “son of” in old German.
  13. Diva – This exotic and charming name comes from an area known as a city in America with beautiful canyons.
  14. Fendi – This cool and trendy name comes from an area known as a company in America that makes luxury items.
  15. Fiji – This exotic and charming name comes from an area known as an island country in the Pacific Ocean.
  16. Gatsby – This cool and trendy name comes from an area known as a book in America that takes place in the 1920s.
  17. Hendrix  – This traditional and popular name means “son of Henry” in old German.
  18. Hurricane – Well you clearly see the badass in this name
  19. Rocky – The most famous badass dog name. From the 1974 movie “Rocky”
  20. Spike – The top of a pitchfork 
Disney dog names

25 Best Disney Dog Names For Disney Lovers 

  1. Ariel – Here is another unique dog name from the different Disney characters which will make your dog stand out. 
  2. Flounder – A name for a dog that is strong and round. This name is perfect for a small dog that loves the water. 
  3. Aladdin – A great name for a mischievous pup. This magical name will make your dog feel like a prince or princess. 
  4. Tigger – A fun and playful name for an active dog. Tigger is always up for some playtime. 
  5. Rapunzel – A unique and different pet name, this one will have everyone oohing and ahhing over your pup’s beautiful long hair! It also works great for a dog with different colored eyes. 
  6. Peter Pan – A fun and adventurous name for your pup who loves exploring new places! This is the perfect name for a curious canine. 
  7. Fifi – A great name for a dog who loves to look prim and proper. This will be the perfect pet name for your pup’s daily outfit, whether it is a bow or a different color leash. 
  8. Tinkerbelle – For those pooches that are as cute as Tinkerbelle! Your furry friend will love this sweet name. 
  9. Stitch – A perfect name for a pup that loves to get into mischief. This playful and naughty name is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you call your dog. 
  10. Buzz – For the pup who loves to fly! Buzz is the perfect name for an energetic. 
  11. Cinderella  – This would be an adorable pet name for any small dog you have that seems like they came right out of the story! 
  12. Frozen  – What better way to show how much you love Disney than by naming your puppy after one of the most popular movies ever? 
  13. Mulan – For any girls out there who love Disney as much as their dog, this is a great choice!  
  14. The Little Mermaid – If you have been thinking about getting your pet fish but aren’t sure, this is the perfect name for your fish and dog! 
  15. King – From the movie “The Lion King”. This would be a cute option if you have any pets at all, whether it’s just one animal or multiple.  
  16. 101 Dalmatian – This one is perfect for any dog that loves to run around and make a mess!  
  17. Dumbo – A great choice for a small or medium-sized dog who seems like he came out of the story and is magic. 
  18. Tangled – If you have a fun, spunky pup that loves to run around outside with his or her friends all day long, this name would be perfect.  
  19. Pocahontas – A great choice if you’re looking for something that’s unlike all of the other options out there, but still makes your pet sound like royalty.   
  20. Aristocat – A great choice for any cat and dog-loving family!  
  21. Snow White – If you have a pup that loves to play in the snow, this name would be ideal. 
  22. Zootopia – This would be a great choice for a pup who is always on the move and loves new adventures.   
  23. Winnie the Pooh – This name is perfect for a pup that loves to cuddle and eat honey.   
  24. Robin Hood – A great choice for a pup who loves to bark and chase squirrels.  
  25. Loki – A Norse god of mischief, this unusual choice would be fitting for a mischievous pup! 
food dog names

25 Super Unique Food Dog Names 

  1. Gummy bear  – This cute and fun name comes from a popular candy in America that’s shaped like bears. 
  2. Fluffy – This cute and fun name comes from a popular type of animal in America that’s known for its soft fur. 
  3. Biscuit  – This cute and fun name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a small, fluffy cookie. 
  4. Pupcake  – This cute and fun name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a small cake made for dogs. 
  5. Oatmeal – This cute and fun name comes from a popular food made with oats.  
  6. Bagel – This unique and trendy name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a ring. 
  7. Pup-Peroni  – This unique and trendy name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a sausage. 
  8. Bacon – This unique and trendy name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a slice of bacon. 
  9. Beef jerky  – This unique and trendy name comes from a popular type of food in America that’s shaped like a piece of jerky meat. 
  10. Meatball – You can name your dog “Meatball” if your dog got a sturdy personality.
  11. Nutella –  It would be a perfect dog name for your puppy if your dog has a chocolate color. 

  12. Popcorn –  Here is another popular yet funny dog name that would suit both big and small dogs
  13. Eclair – Another yummy name for a chocolate-colored dog. 
  14. Cinnamon –  It is a spicy name for a small dog.
  15. Vanilla – If your dog loves playing and enjoying, this name would be a perfect one for him. 
  16. Mocha – You’ve got a great choice for your little dog no matter whether you are a tea or coffee lover.
  17. Cheese Puff – Although it’s unhealthy, still, it can be an appealing name for your dog.  
  18. Ziti – Here is another pasta variety name, amazing for your pup. 
  19. Marshmallow – Who doesn’t like marshmallows and so do the dogs. Why don’t you name your puppy Marshmallow?
  20. Licorice –  Another great choice for your dog if it is colored black.  
  21. Jasmine – Jasmine could be a unique one for your princess-type female dog, just like a green tea flavor. 
  22. Cream Puff – Name your dog Cream Puff and make him feel loved! 
  23. Cookie – This is a sweet one!
  24. Sugar – I mean, if he is a wild one then go for it!
  25. Peaches – Sweet like a peach
superhero dog names

15 Unique Superhero Dog Names 

  • Blaze – Daughter of Shazam 
  • Maximus  – Supervillain to the Fantastic four
  • Ace  – Spiderman villain 
  • Lantern – After DC Green Lantern 
  • Batwing – “The Batman of Africa”
  • Cap – After the infamous Captain America 
  • Daredevil – Marvels “Man without fear”
  • Hawkeye – Written by Stan Lee he’s famous for tricks with blades
  • Wonder – After the DC Wonder Woman
  • Kryptonite  – Superman’s weakness
  • Hulkbuster – Iron man and Hulk combined into a machine
  • Fury – After the famous director of S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Iron Man – One of the most famous sups out there
  • Nebula – A former assassin and daughter of the intergalactic warlord Thanos.
  • Strange – The infamous Doctor Strange 

15 Best Harry Potter Dog Names  

  • Albus – After Albus Dumbledore the headmaster of Hogwarts 
  • Cloak – After Harry’s invisibility cloak
  • Dobby – After Dobby the House Elf  
  • Draco – After Draco Malfoy  
  • Phoenix  – After the fifth movie in the series 
  • Hermione– Makes the perfect girl dog name. Based after 
  • Hagrid– Rubeus Hagrid  half giant half human. the groundskeeper of Hogwarts 
  • Snape – After Severus Snape, “once a villain always a villain”. 
  • Sirius Black  – One of the Harry Potter favorites   
  • Lovegood – Luna Lovegood: “Being different isn’t a bad thing”
  • Voldemort – Well if you are a Harry Potter fan you’ll know this evil one  
  • Gryffindor – One of the four houses in Hogwarts
  • Goblet – The name is thought after the infamous “goblet of fire”
  • Hallow – From the “Deathly Hallows” three powerful objects that create death
  • Rowling – After the creator of Harry Potter J.K Rowling
star wars dog names

10 Best Star Wars Dog Names

  • Luke
  • Yoda
  • Chewie
  • Vader
  • Han Solo
  • C- 3PO
  • Finn
  • Jar Jar Binks 
  • Princess Leia 
  • Palpatine 
scifi dog names

20 Coolest Sci-fi Dog Names  

  • R2 – D2 
  • Chewie
  • Spock
  • Blade 
  • Riddick                                
  • Stitch                                           
  • Terminator  
  • Zombie                                                                  
  • Robocop                                 
  • ET
  • Cornelius 
  • Owen
  • Matrix 
  • Eames 
  • Bowman
  • Mcfly
  • Bowman
  • Emmet Brown
  • Admiral Kirk
  • Ripley 

25 United States History Leader Dog Names 

  • Frank – After Franklin D. Roosevelt  
  • Ben – After Benjamin Harrison 
  • G Hard – After Warren G. Harding 
  • Grover – After Grover Cleveland  
  • Harry – After Harry S. Truman  
  • Chester – After Chester Arthur  
  • Herbert – After Herbert Hoover 
  • Calv – After Calvin Coolidge  
  • Hayes – After Rutherford Hayes  
  • James – After James Buchanan   
  • Abe – After Abraham Lincoln 
  • Will – After William McKinley  
  • Pierce – After Franklin Pierce   
  • Wood– After Woodrow Wilson 
  • Andrew– After Andrew Johnson  
  • Grant – After Ulysses S. Grant  
  • Garfield – After James Garfield  
  • Cleveland – After Grover Cleveland 
  • Roosevelt– After Franklin D. Roosevelt  
  • Theo – After Theodore Roosevelt  
  • Taft – After William H. Taft  
  • George – George Washington 
  • Martin – Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Tom – Thomas Jefferson  
  • Ron – Ronald Reagan 

5 Unique City Dog Names

  • Albany –  Became the official capital of New York State. Since then, Albany has been a center for banking, railroads, and international trade. Four New York state governors went on to become President of the United States.
  • Memphis – Established and Beautiful. Known worldwide as the “Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll – not to mention gospel, jazz, R&B, rap and soul.
  • Phoenix – Natural Beauty. The landscape in and around Phoenix is striking
  • Sydney – Sydney is famous for its landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and Harbour Bridge.
  • York – York remains one of the top places to visit in England for tourists is the fact that the city boasts the country’s longest circuit of medieval city walls

5 Unique Country Dog Names

  • Cameroon – Cameroon is a lower-middle-income country with a population of over 26 million (2021). Located along the Atlantic Ocean, it shares its borders with the Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria.
  • Greece – Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and is the southernmost country in Europe. The mainland has rugged mountains, forests, and lakes, but the country is well known for its thousands of islands.
  • Haiti –  located in the Caribbean on the western third of the island Hispaniola. It is bordered by the Dominican Republic to the east, the Caribbean Sea, and the Northern Atlantic Ocean.
  • Jordan – With a population of 10 million, making it the eleventh-most populous Arab country. The dominant majority, or around 95% of the country’s population, is Sunni Muslim, with a native Christian minority.
  • Madagascar – An island country located in the Indian Ocean off the coast from southern Africa, is the fifth-largest island in the world
  • Monaco – Known as a “Billionaires’ Playground.” The tiny city-state is famous for its lavish wealth, casinos, and glamorous events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Top 20 Unique Celebrity dog Names 

  1. Pistol – You can name your Pistol and you won’t be alone. This unique name is one of Johnny Depp’s dog names.
  2. Sir Carter – Queen Bey’s pet is a French bulldog named Sir Carter. The unique name was inspired by her son’s unique first name. 
  3. Buddy – Hillary Clinton chose her unique name for her dog to honor the woman who held America’s top office for eight years. 
  4. Cha Cha – Mariah Carey chose the unique name Cha Cha for one out of her eight  Jack Russell’s 
  5. Bo – Barack Obama’s dog, Bo, has a unique name 
  6. Major – Joe Biden’s dog, he’s actually the first shelter dog to ever live in the white house 
  7. Porscha – Britney Spears Doberman was gifted to her by her fiancé
  8. Flossie – Actress Drew Barrymore named her unique dog Flossie 
  9. Khyi Yang Po – Robert Downey Jr. named his unique dog from a Tibetan monastery. 
  10. Tyson – Jennifer Lopez named her unique dog Tyson. One of out her five awesome dogs
  11. Mrs Wallis Browning – Ellen DeGeneres named her unique dog, who is a rescue animal, to honor the love of her life. 
  12. MatzoBall and Meatball – Both of Adam Sandler’s adorable Bulldogs
  13. Bear – Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg named her unique dog, Bear, after the character in one of her favorite movies. 
  14. Beasley – Actor Tom Hanks named his unique dog
  15. Sadie – Oprah Winfrey named her unique dog, Sadie, after the character in one of her favorite books. One of her three out of six dogs
  16. Baylor – This celebrity Husky is owned by Selena Gomez 
  17. Sushi, Sake – Two of Kim Kardashians dogs 
  18. Poppy – Reminds of a poppy seed. This is Sandra Bullocks dog
  19. Scammy – This interesting little Papillion is Justin Beiber’s dog name
  20. Norman – Jennifer Aniston’s little pup.

15 Dog Names You’ve Never Heard Of 

  • Blackie 
  • Dew 
  • Dusty 
  • Freckles 
  • Gizmo 
  • Jazz 
  • Jitterbug 
  • Kipper 
  • Kiwi 
  • Merlin  
  • Mosby  
  • Napper  
  • Ozzie  
  • Patchouli  
  • Quigg

Final Words

Well, there’s a list of the 250 most unique dog names for you to choose from. Whether your pup is black and white or has the most adorable golden fur, we’ve got something that will suit them perfectly!  

If you’re still not sure about which name would be best for your furry friend, don’t worry – just let us know. We’ll get back to you with our favorite suggestions as soon as possible. Dog names are unique and each pup has its own that suits it perfectly. It’s not about choosing it’s about fitting! 

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