Can Cats kill Snakes? What You Need To Know!

Can Cats kill Snakes? What You Need To Know!

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Can Cats kill Snakes. Everything You Need To Know!

“A cat’s instinct to hunt is powerful and they are well equipped to stalk, chase, pounce and kill their prey.”

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Keeping your cat happy, healthy and well-adjusted is no small feat. Cats can be rather independent creatures and keeping track of their needs requires a lot of vigilance and dedication. Keeping them safe from common threats such as snakes is important. With that being said, not every cat owner knows if their feline friend is prone to hunting or even fears snakes. Some cats have even been raised in an environment where they never interacted with a snake before. 

Quick Answer:

Yes, cats can kill snakes they are after all natural hunters, but not all snakes. Snakes are tough so it would be difficult for a cat to kill a large snake that’s both big and venomous. 

For those who want to know more about whether cats can kill snakes, or if they’re even afraid of them keep reading!

Are Cats Natural Hunters?

Cats are predators’ and natural hunters!

Yes. Like humans and many other species, cats hunt and eat a variety of prey. Cats can be trained to hunt and catch small mammals, birds and fish alike. If they live indoors, they can be trained to hunt and catch indoor prey such as rodents, insects or other small animals. Cats’ hunting abilities vary depending on the cat’s age, experience, health and the availability of prey. 

As a rule of thumb, older cats tend to be better natural hunters than young cats. Natural hunting abilities are one thing, but whether your cat can actually kill a snake is another matter entirely. Cats are amazing creatures, but they are not built the same way as humans and other animals.

Do Cats Hate Snakes?

This is a tricky question to answer.

While some cats are naturally afraid of snakes and avoid them, others seem to enjoy hunting them and playing with them. Like humans, some cats have been raised around snakes and know how to hunt and kill them. However, for most cats, even one encounter with a venomous snake is enough to make them afraid of snakes for life. Many factors contribute to why a cat may hate snakes. Perhaps the cat was raised around snakes and was bitten by one. Perhaps it was bitten by a snake while hunting. 

Cats don’t hate snakes but if they do manage to encounter each other their interactions wouldn’t be so pleasant. 

Are Cats Afraid of Snakes?

Again, while some cats may have been around snakes their whole lives, most cats have had no experience with snakes whatsoever. When first exposed to them, many cats are understandably afraid or simply think of them as toys. If a cat is afraid of snakes, this fear can last for a long time and cause problems for both the cat and the person who owns it.

Proper training and handling can help many fearful cats overcome their fear of snakes. If you do come across a cat who is afraid of snakes, you can help them by keeping your cat away from the snake, keeping food away from the snake, and keeping the snake away from your pet.

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

Most cats are smart enough to be able to kill snakes, but this doesn’t mean they are good at it.

Many factors determine if a cat is capable of killing a snake. The most important factor is the cat’s age and health. A healthy, well-fed cat and typically older can be tough enough to kill a small, weak snake. Snakes are tough creatures the larger they get. So for cats its difficult to kill most snakes as they are generally tougher and in some cases even venomous.  

If a cat is unhealthy or malnourished, it can’t be expected to kill or even hurt snake. 

Are Cats Good at Killing Snakes?

This is a question that cannot be answered with a yes or no answer. The truth is that most snakes are too tough, large and venomous for a cat to kill. Even the small, non-venomous snakes are too tough and powerful for the average cat. If your neighborhood has non venomous small snakes, then, yes, your cat may be able to kill one or two of them. However, most of the time these snakes are much too tough and powerful for your average cat to even bother with.

Why Do Cats Kill Snakes?

There are several reasons as to why cats kill snakes. Some studies have found that when a snake enters a cats territory, the cat’s hunting instincts are triggered and they become more likely to hunt and kill it. Also, when a snake enters a cats territory, it alerts the cat of its presence and make the cat uneasy. If a snake enters a cats territory, the cat may be curious, startled or angry maybe it would even want to play with it and accidently kill the snake without thinking twice about it.

Some cats may even eat the snake if they are hungry enough. Regardless of why your cat is killing snakes, it’s best to keep cats away from snakes. If your cat does enter a snake’s territory, it may seem like a hunting opportunity, but in reality it’s just dangerous for both the cat and the snake.

Can Cats Eat Snakes?

Yes cats can eat snakes. If your cat does decide to eat a snake, it’s probably a small, non-venomous snake that your cat would not have been able to hunt on its own. If your cat does decide to eat a snake, there is no real danger to the cat. All snakes have a pituitary gland near their brains that releases a substance that prevents eating other animals. Because of this, a cat that eats a snake will have to vomit in order to get rid of the substance in their body. This can be dangerous and difficult for a sick or malnourished cat.

Eating a snake is not really dangerous for your cat, no matter how big or venomous the snake is.

Can Cats kill Snakes? What You Need To Know!
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Can Cat’s Notice If a Snake Is Venomous?

No, unfortunately not. Cats have no sense of smell of feeling when it comes to venom and snakes. They don’t notice when a snake is venomous or not. 

Are Cats Immune To Snake Venom?

No, its a false tale that cats are immune to poisonous bites by venomous snakes. Mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, coyotes, horses, and even dogs have all been bitten by venomous snake and become sick. If the bite is treated quickly enough, and antivenom is given. Your cat will be just fine. There’s no need to panic. 

Can Snakes Attack Your Cat?

Snakes can be a danger to cats. While they are not typically aggressive towards cats, they do have the potential to bite if they feel threatened and possibly consume cats. This is especially true for snakes that are kept as pets and allowed to roam freely. If your cat has access to a snake in the home, it is important to keep them separated at all times. 

In most cases snakes will only attack your cat if they feel threatened. If your cat is not in any danger and is just being curious, it will probably be safe for her to investigate whatever she comes across. However, if you have a snake that poses a threat to your cat, the best thing you can do is remove it from the area with professional help. 

Some snakes can eat cats. Their jaws open so large that they can consume an entire cat at once!

Can Cats kill Snakes? What You Need To Know!
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How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Away from Snakes

There are several ways you can keep your cat safe from snakes.

First and foremost, don’t leave your cat outside or allow it to roam free. Cats should always be kept inside a secure enclosure with an indoor/outdoor cat door. This way, your cat can roam safely inside the enclosure and only leave when it’s time to go to the litter box or eat. Inside the enclosure, you should keep food and water out of reach of your cat and make sure to keep any holes blocked off. These holes can pose a danger to your cat because they can easily get into a snake’s territory. Also, be sure to keep your cat away from any potential snakes. When your cat is inside the enclosure, it’s best to keep other animals away from your cat and any potential snakes in their territory. This way, if a snake makes its way into your cat’s territory, your cat can stay safely away from it.

Bottom Line 

If you love your cat and want to keep it safe, you should never let it roam freely outdoors where there are potential snakes. This can be dangerous for your cat and potentially dangerous for any snakes in the area. Keeping your cat inside, eating a healthy diet and only interacting with other cats or dogs that have been properly vaccinated is the best way to keep your cat happy and healthy.

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