The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

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10 Brown Cat Breeds 

Brown cats are the all-time favorite of pet parents but are hard to find. Mutations or genetic alterations make this color so rare but it is worth having a brown cat. With some effort, you will get any of these rare brown cat breeds as they are rare, not unobtainable.  

Havana brown, Burmese, York chocolate, Devon Rex, Persian, Oriental shorthair, British shorthair, Chausie, Scottish fold, and Tonkinese are the most famous rare brown cat breeds. Among all these cats, Havana brown is completely brown or true chocolate, while others may have varying hues or patterns.    

So, don’t forget to dive deeply into all the brown cats’ details and see what makes them different from others. You will find physical features, coat characteristics, grooming requirements, social behavior and activity level of each cat.  

Let’s go on! 

1. Havana Brown 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Havana, a truly rare brown cat breed, is medium-sized and a delight for pet parents. The head of brown Havana is a triangle, but overall, it looks unique for the square chin. In addition to the brown color, Havana’s medium-sized green eyes make the breed stand out. Remember, finding Havana brown cat needs your efforts as it is near extinct and comes on the top of the endangered cat breed list.  

Coat characteristics – The coat of the Havana cat is short to medium length with a glossy appearance. Overall, it looks smooth, and the coat color is dark brown with mahogany undertones.  

Grooming and maintenance – Like other short-haired cats, Havana is not hard to clean and loves grooming sessions. Regular brushing is enough to keep its fur sleek and shiny plus; you don’t need to fight for nail trimming or tooth cleaning of Havana.    

Socialization – Havana is a playful cat and eagerly interacts with others to make new friends. Sometimes you may see the cat alone, but it is normal, and Havana wants some ‘Me’ Time.  

Activity – Despite its playful nature, Havana brown is not overly energetic. They are moderately active, calm, and busy with their soft toys or other indoor activities.  

2. York Chocolate 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

York Chocolate is one of the rare medium-to-large brown cat breeds. The cat is firm and muscular, with a medium-sized wedge-shaped head. Almond-shaped eyes and long pointed ears of York Chocolate are also striking, making this breed admirable.  

Coat characteristics – York chocolate coat is medium long while the texture is smooth and silky. The coat is soft to the touch with no undercoat. Interestingly, coat length is not the same throughout the York Chocolate body. Hair is short on the face, belly, and lower legs while longer on the back, sides, and upper legs. York chocolate coat color does not have a broader range, and you can see solid chocolate brown and solid lavender. 

Grooming and maintenance – If cat grooming sessions are the most challenging part for you, the good news is that the York chocolate breed requires minimal grooming. Regular brushing that keeps the coat neat is enough.  

Socialization – York chocolate loves spending time with people and is friendly. The brown cats are loyal, affectionate, and welcoming. Don’t get surprised if your furry feline sleeps in your lap, as it is normal with York Chocolate.  

Activity – Cats are usually not hyperactive, and so is York chocolate. This cat breed thoroughly enjoys playtime with the owner and aims to be obedient all the way.    

3. Burmese 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

The Burmese cat is a medium-sized, muscular feline with a round, compact body. The Burmese’s eyes are almond-shaped, amber or green in color, and set wide apart. It has a broad forehead, a rounded muzzle, and a small nose. The breed’s ears are small, round, and set wide apart. 

Coat characteristics –The Burmese cat breed has a short coat. They have no undercoat and are naturally resistant to cold weather. The color of the cat can be any color, with the most common being cinnamon, black, blue, or fawn and brown the rare one.  

Grooming and maintenance – They need minimal grooming, just a quick brush every few days to keep them looking their best. They are very clean and groom themselves often. You must comb your cat’s coat often. 

Socialization – the Burmese are very sociable and love to be around people. So, they need a home with other pets to keep them entertained.  

Activity – These cats are very active, playful, and curious pets. They love to climb and explore and do well with other pets. These cats also have high energy levels and do best with a daily exercise routine or a toys-filled environment. You can keep them indoors; however, they prefer being active outside.  

4. Devon Rex 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Devon Rex is a medium-sized brown cat known for its large, expressive eyes and large pendulous ears. These delightful cats have slender, long, statuesque bodies, slender limbs, and long tails.  

Coat characteristics – The Devon Rex is a small cat with a short-length, curly coat. The texture of the coat is very soft and velvety. Due to their short fur, these cats are great for people who have allergies. Their coat comes in various colors, including black, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and white.   

Grooming and maintenance – Devon Rex’s grooming and caring is effortless. Their short coat does not require brushing as it is fragile and gets damaged with frequent combing. Gentle rubbing with a cloth will keep your kitty from going anywhere.   

Socialization – Devon Rex cats are very affectionate and will often follow you around the house and lie with you when you’re relaxing. These kitties are very social and make excellent pets for families with children. 

Activity – They are naturally active and curious, requiring lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. They are inquisitive, so they often investigate your things and climb on your furniture.  

5. Persian  

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Persian cats have a very unique and distinctive look with their long, flowing hair and rounded muscular body shape.  

They have large, expressive eyes that need to be cleaned often, especially since they tend to collect dust easily. 

Coat characteristics – The Persian cat, is a medium to large cat with a long, luxurious coat that is silky to the touch. The most common colors of the Persian cat are black, white, red, brown, and cream.  

Grooming and maintenance – Persians require a lot of grooming to keep their long hair tangle-free. If you don’t have the patience or time to groom a long-haired cat, this may not be the right cat for you. 

Socialization – The Persian cat is a friendly and active cat that thrives on attention, so a Persian cat would not be the best cat for someone who works away from home for long hours.  

They are calm and adore spending time with their owners. They get along well with people and other pets. They are active and curious, so they need toys and other things to keep them engaged.  

Activity – These cats are known to be very docile, calm, and relaxed, making them excellent cats for anyone living in a busy household or apartment with other pets. 

6. Oriental Shorthair 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

The Oriental shorthair is a medium-sized, brilliant cat with long body stature. The long head, erect ears, and slender legs make Orientals beautiful. The eyes are almond-shaped and are bright green, while White Orientals may have blue, green, or odd eyes.   

Coat characteristics –As the name indicates, the coat of Oriental Shorthair is short and glossy. You can also find a medium-length variant, but a full-flowing coat is impossible in Orientals.  

This breed comes in various colors and patterns, including black, brown, cinnamon, blue, cream, and red. 

Grooming and maintenance –Orientals don’t require much grooming. A quick comb-through every couple of days will keep your Oriental’s fur healthy. 

Socialization – They are very social, so they need attention and love, so they are not recommended for people who want a primarily independent cat. They aren’t necessarily shy, but they may be cautious around strangers.  

Activity – Being active cats, they need a lot of mental stimulation. They are generally recommended for people living in apartments. These cats are curious and love to explore, so a tall screened-in porch with plenty of nooks and crannies will keep your kitty happy and engaged.  

7. British Shorthair 

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

British shorthair is a medium-sized adorable feline with muscular body stature. The cat looks strong and has heavy boning. Facial features are no different from other cats used to keep rodents out of the barn, but the neck is muscular. The legs are thick and strong.  

Coat characteristics –British shorthair, as the name indicates, has a coat length that is short to medium and thick. The dense, fluffy coat of the British makes them a ball of fur that could be rare brown, black, white, red, silver, or other colors.  

Grooming and maintenance – Thick and dense coat of British shorthair needs more grooming, and daily brushing is vital to keep the cat looking well groomed.  

Socialization – This rare brown cat is a pleasure to the owners and is fiercely affectionate. She gets easily attached to all her family members and does not bother strangers.  

Activity – British shorthair is an active cat breed with a not extensive list of work out.i She plays well by herself and can get you a toy to play with when she is in the mood.  

8. Chausie  

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Chausie is an ancient large-sized cat breed with a long, lean body. The cat is graceful and well-balanced, with a deep chest and large tufted ears.  

Coat characteristics – The coat of Chausie is short to medium in length and could be tabby, solid, ticked, or grizzled. The available Chausie coat colors include black and brown in different patterns.  

Grooming and maintenance – Short coat of Chausie makes them low-maintenance cats, and weekly brushing is enough to keep your cat looking nice.  

Socialization – Chausie is an even-tempered cat with a friendly attitude and gets along with everyone.  

Activity – You will be amazed to know that Chausie is a highly active or Athletic cat with seemingly endless energy. Your cat will need ample exercise, or you can provide toys, play structures, and surfaces for jumping.  

9. Scottish fold  

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Scottish fold is a medium-sized fluffy cat breed with a rounded body. The head is well rounded, but the neck is short. Scottish fold took its name from the folded ears that fold forward and downward while the ear tips are rounded.   

Coat characteristics – Scottish fold coat could be short, medium, or long. Regardless of the hair length, you will always find it dense, plush, and even. Any color or pattern of Scottish fold rare cat breed is possible like chocolate, lavender,   

Grooming and maintenance – The grooming needs of Scottish fold depending on the coat length. Frequent brushing is required for long coats, while short hair cats need weekly or twice-a-week grooming sessions.   

Socialization – Scottish fold is sweet-tempered and easily adaptable to new people.   

Activity – Your Scottish fold will not demand you to be hyperactive because of her moderate activity.   

10. Tonkinese  

The 10 Rare Brown Cat Breeds (With pictures) 

Tonkinese is a medium-sized rare cat breed with heavy muscular bodies. They have medium-sized ears, almond-shaped ears, and slim legs.  

Coat characteristics – The coat of Tonkinese is short, fine, and silky, with smooth hair. Tonkinese coat color comes in blue, platinum, beige, and brown, which is rare among all.  

Grooming and maintenance – You don’t need to spend hours grooming Tonkinese as the cat is short, and weekly brushing will be enough to look neat.  

Socialization – Tonkinese is highly sociable and loves interacting with people or sitting in your lap.   

Activity – Tonkinese remain busy playing or interacting with others all day instead of sitting around.  

Conclusion – Rare Brown Cat Breeds  

Brown coat color in cats has a special place among pet parents, who strive to get one. Only a few cats like Havana, York Chocolate, and Oriental shorthair are brown with no patterns, while other cats have bicolor or patterns in different shades of brown. So, make sure to properly research on all rare brown cats before adopting any kitten.  

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