Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn? Risks!

Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn? Risks!

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Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn? What Will Happen!

Let’s admit it. If you are reading this article, you most likely love candy corn and you love it in any form. It is sweet, it is colorful and most importantly, it is delicious. And the best part of Halloween? Of course, candy! The sweetest treat that comes with the spooky setting and scary decorations. However, what about dogs Can dogs eat candy corn? Are there any harmful effects of giving your dog some sweets on a special day? Let’s find out in this article if dogs can eat candy corn.

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Quick Answer:

No, dogs should not be given any amount of candy corn. Even a small amount of candy corn contains xylitol. A sugar substance that isn’t toxic to us humans but extremely toxic to our dogs. Avoid feeding your dog candy corn.

Let’s learn more about what exactly candy corn is.

What Is Candy Corn?

Candy corn is small and typically comes in orange and yellow, and in the shape of a pyramid. Or as the name suggests a piece of corn. It’s a delicious sweet that many love and enjoy during their Halloween holidays. While it looks like corn, it does not contain any of the vitamins, minerals, or proteins that are found in natural corn. It’s mainly sold and eaten during Halloween.

Everybody loves this candy, and we bet you do too!

Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn? Risks!
Candy Corn

What Is Candy Corn Made Of?

Candy corn is mainly made up of corn syrup and sugar. For candy that is pretty logical. Corn syrup is mainly used because it is a cheap alternative to honey. However a small amount of honey are usually used to get that delicious flavor we all know.

List Of Most Common Ingredients: ( Taken from Brach )

Sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze, salt, dextrose, gelatin, sesame oil, artificial flavor, honey, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, and Red 3

Let’s take a look at two of the most used ingredients more in-depth. 

  • Honey – It is a mixture of ethanol, enzymes, and pollen — but it is not actually honey, so your dog should not eat it and can be quite toxic.
  • Corn syrup – Corn syrup contains xylitol. Extremely toxic ingredients for dogs to eat. Even a small amount can have a dog sick in a couple of minutes. This is why candy corn just like other candies (Such as candy cane) should be avoided at all costs. 

Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn?

Candy corn is not a good treat for your dog in any way. It’s not safe and can be rather toxic if eaten in large amounts. Due to the high content of sugar that can be found in candy corn, it should be avoided.

Let’s look into three reasons as to why you should avoid giving even one piece of this candy to your dog.

1 – Xylitol

As mentioned above this is toxic for your dog. Many sugar substitutes such as corn syrup contain this toxic ingredient. To us humans it’s not toxic but to dogs, it can be toxic and cause fatal health issues.

A small amount of xylitol can lower your dog’s blood pressure and possibly cause a fatal seizure. Who knows what a large consumption for a long period can do.

2- Digestive Issues

The artificial flavoring and small sizing of the candy can cause digestive issues.

3 – No Benefits

Candy corn, as you might have guessed. Provides dogs with no health benefits in any way. Besides the fact, that it can be quite toxic. None of the ingredients in candy corn are beneficial to your dog.

Xylitol Poisoning 

Candy corn contains xylitol. Though not toxic to humans it’s toxic to dogs. This is one of the main reasons as to why you should be avoiding feeding your dog even a piece of candy corn.

Issues such as weakness, diarrhea and seizures can all be an effect of possible xylitol poisoning. Dogs can recover from it if treated early on. Candy corn isn’t the only halloween candy and candy in general that contains xylitol. This is why proper research should be done before giving your dog any food even a small piece of a candy which you might think can cause no damage. 

Read more about xylitol poisoning in dogs over at VCA .

How Harmful Is Candy Corn For Dogs?

Bottom line its not a good idea to feed your dog candy corn. And, not recommended by experts to do so. It can be harmful to your dog to 

Dogs have difficulty digesting candy corn, and to add to that the xylitol contents can put your dog into a state of a seizure in a matter of minutes. Candy corn doesn’t provide dogs with any benefits, not one. So why feed your dog such a treat? There are many healthier options.

If your dog eats to much candy corn. The xylitol inside candy corn can cause issues such as.

  • Vomiting
  • Decreased activity
  • Weakness
  • Staggering
  • Collapse
  • Seizure

If you notice any of these signs early on. Call your vet immediately. And, notify them that your dog might have xylitol poisoning. 

Can Dogs Eat Candy Corn? Risks!

What Will Happen If My Dog Eats Candy Corn?

Your dog might experience xylitol poisoning. It can start off with a mild tummy ache followed by weakness staggering and possible collapsing. However, this can only occur if your dog ate candy corn for a couple of minutes straight.

If talking about one or two pieces. He might experience some tummy pain but no more than that. Keep an eye on him and try to  look at for any signs out of the normal. 

What To Do If My Dog Eats Candy Corn?

If you suspect your dog might have ate candy corn don’t panic. The most important thing to do is stay calm. View for any signs of tiredness and pain. 

  • Try to check and possibly count how many pieces of candy corn he might have eaten. This might help your vet in the next step.
  • Call your vet immediately, and describe to them the situation. They’ll assist the best they can!

Bottom Line

Bottom line is, candy corn is not a good food for your dog to eat. It is mainly made of corn syrup and sugar, and you should avoid giving your dog any confectionery that has these ingredients. If your dog does eat some candy corn, you should be aware of the possible side effects. They are serious issues, and you should take them seriously.

If your dog did manage to take a quick bite of one, don’t worry just keep an eye on him.

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