How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home? - 6 Things You Should Know

How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home? – 6 Things You Should Know

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Grooming Your Fluffy Corgi At Home. 6 Tips

Corgis are excellent family pets for those who live in apartments or smaller houses, as they have a short and easy-to-maintain coat. However, because of their fluffy coat, there is some maintenance that goes into keeping your Corgi looking his best.

Corgis require weekly brushing to keep their double coats from matting and being itchy for them. Daily inspection and bi-weekly brushing is also recommended to remove any dead fur and prevent tangles before they get that bad. On top of this, you’ll also need to check them over regularly to make sure they aren’t growing fleas or ticks.

In this article, we’ll discuss six things you should know about grooming your fluffy Corgi at home.

Quick Answer:

To groom a fluffy corgi, you need to give it a proper bath using natural dog shampoo, cut or trim fluffy hair to keep the in shape. Brushing the coat regularly using a slicker brush is also an important part of grooming. Cleaning ears, and cutting nails also keep corgi away from many infections.

Grooming Your Fluffy Corgi at Home? 6 Tips.

Corgis, the puppies with longhaired coats, super fluffy ones. Do they ring a bell? Well, they are stylish dogs and their long fluffy hairs are the main quality of this breed that needs proper grooming. It doesn’t have to mean taking your pup to the groomer every other day. Instead, you can do little things at home that will do a lot.

Here are six things you should know for how to groom fluffy corgi at home:

1. Brush Your Corgi Regularly

Corgis are usually easy to groom, but brushing can help remove dead fur from the coat and prevent mats from forming. However, daily brushing is especially important for Corgis with a soft undercoat that can easily get tangled. Brush your Corgi a few times a week to remove any tangles and get rid of dead fur. Brush lightly and gently, paying special attention to the area around the muzzle and in between the toes.

Side note, brushing won’t stop the shedding, but it will make your house less of a corgi fur storage. Brushing also helps distribute corgi’s natural oils throughout its hair.

Since corgis have a dense undercoat and a fluffy topcoat, traditional bristle brushes will lend no help. What is a fluffy corgi if the fluff can be gone through easily, right?

Brushing – The best option for corgis are rakes and slicker brushes. Both of these can loosen dead hair and bring it to the surface. Make sure the rake matches the corgi’s short hair length. Place your dog in a comfortable spot to brush a corgi using a slicker brush or rake. Grab your brush and slowly and gently start brushing, first by the head and neck.

How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home? - 6 Things You Should Know

2. Bathing Should Be Rare For Fluffy Corgis

Bath time is fun for all dogs, but for Corgis, it’s important to keep it rare. While you can give your Corgi a bath in the sink, it’s much easier and less stressful for your Corgi if you let the professionals at the groomer do this for you. Shampoos designed for dogs have gentle ingredients that won’t dry out your Corgi’s skin. They also have less of an impact on your Corgi’s hair than human shampoos. In addition to keeping your Corgi’s fur clean, this will also make him smell good and be free of any dirt.

Bathing corgis can help get rid of the excess hair. And if your corgi loves playing in the garden, then bathing him once a month is ideal for getting rid of dirt and oils. However, for this one since their double coats a so special. It’s best to let a professional groomer handle the job. 

However, if you’re going to bathe your corgi at home. Here are some important things to do when giving him a bath:

  • Draw a bath with lukewarm water. The bath should be shallow enough for the puppy to stand in it.
  • Gently introduce your pup to the bathtub. Dip the paws into the water first, so your corgi isn’t intimidated. Use a slow shower or splash water on him to soak him completely.
  • Start by cleaning in the spots that retain most dirt- the belly, neck, paws, ears, and rear. Use a pup-friendly lathering shampoo. Most generic brand shampoos are suitable for these dogs. Do one section at a time.
  • After you’re done with a section, pat your corgi and give him a treat before moving to the other part.
  • Use a shower to do the final rinse, starting from the head and ending with the tail. Do not tug on hair after rinsing shampoo, as that can cause tangling.
  • Wrap your fluffy corgi in a towel like a burrito and gently dry him with it.
  • Seat your puppy in a comfortable spot and give him a treat before using a hairdryer.

Bonus Tip: Use a Conditioner To Help Keep Your Corgi’s Coat Soft When Bathing

Conditioner is a must if your Corgi has a soft undercoat. Corgis who have a dense double coat can be prone to static, which makes their fur stand up and become itchy. If your Corgi has a soft undercoat, you’ll want to use a conditioner to prevent static. Choose a dog conditioner that’s specifically made for dogs, and you can easily find them at your local veterinarian’s office or pet store. Conditioner can also help remove tangles, remove dirt and oil from your Corgi’s coat, and help keep his coat from getting matted. Conditioner can help with the soft undercoat in Corgis and also give curly-coated breeds like Scottish Terriers a shine.

3. Cutting Your Corgis Hair

If you cannot take your corgi to a groomer, you can give it a haircut at home. Now we know, giving your fluffy corgi a haircut at home can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, if you stick to basic styles, the haircut will be done perfectly in a breeze.

The short and functional trim is popular for DIY, where you grab a trimmer with two clippers. You do an all-around short trim at the back and under the belly, and then use a slightly longer clipper length to do the front legs and head.

The easiest haircut for you to do at home is trimming slightly around the tail, legs, and face only to even out the length of hair everywhere. Doing the rear is very important. You’ll need to do touchups every 2-3 weeks, however.

Here’s a step-by-step general guide to trimming hair:

  • Use a fine comb to brush through your corgi’s hair. Work forward, doing the hind legs first.
  • Remove all mats by holding them away from the body and chopping the hair below.
  • Grab a pair of scissors or a pet trimmer, and start by cutting about ¼ inch around the shoulders first. You can always go back and trim more if you’d like.
  • Move towards the back and then do the tail. Only cut the long outer coat hair.
  • Now lay your corgi, flipping him over and holding one paw at a time. Clip the hair between toes.
  • Next, move to the chest area and trim. Keep combing after each chop.
  • Use blunt-end scissors to clip the hair around the eyes and ears. Don’t use a trimmer there.
  • Do a thorough brushing and even out odd sections using sharp shears or scissors.
  • Remember to give your pup a treat after every section and pat his head every time.

Here’s a Short Video I Found On How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home:

4. Keep Up With Nail Trimming

If your Corgi does have a coat condition that makes him prone to matting, nail trimming is an important maintenance for him. Keep your Corgi’s nails trimmed and filed down so that his nails don’t grow out and cause him problems. In addition to trimming your Corgi’s nails, you should also regularly trim your Corgi’s toenails. Trim your Corgi’s nails when they are soft (on a sunny day, so that they don’t get too warm and curl up), and file your Corgi’s nails as often as once a week. Keeping your Corgi’s nails trimmed down will prevent him from having trouble walking, and you’ll be able to get him into the car to see the vet without struggling to fit him in the backseat.

However, beware of cutting his delicate nails too deep as every dog’s nails have a nerve ending in the middle, cutting which can be extremely painful for the dog and cause trouble walking and running.

Here’s How to Cut a Fluffy Corgi’s Nails:

  • Get your dog’s attention by a treat and sit him down. Use your legs to keep him steady.
  • Grab a front paw and use dog clippers to trim, keeping at least 2mm distance from the quick (center) of the nail.
  • Give treats and calm your dog after each paw. He will try to escape, so remain steady.
  • Move on to the back paws and follow the 2mm rule.

5. Brush Your Corgi’s Teeth

Dental health is important to your dog’s overall wellness. A corgi’s teeth can have plaque and tartar build-up, which can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay if left uncleaned.

You don’t need to bring your Corgi to the vet for a dental exam, but you should brush his teeth regularly. Brushing your Corgi’s teeth daily will prevent his breath from becoming unpleasant, as well as keeping his gums healthy and his teeth clean. If you brush your Corgi’s teeth less often, his breath will also get worse. Additionally, your Corgi will get a better understanding of what a brush is and what it feels like if you brush his teeth at home.

A healthy corgi needs to have its teeth brushed around 2-3 times a week. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and a doggy toothpaste or homemade toothpaste. You can get a meat-flavored one from a pet store. Never use toothpaste made for human teeth! Fluoride is dangerous and can make your dog very sick.

How To Brush:

The best way to brush your Corgi’s teeth is to use a soft bristle dog brush with rubber bristles. It’s also recommended to buy a toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs, as regular human toothpaste can be toxic to them. You’ll need to brush your Corgi’s teeth every two to three days, but the most important part of brushing his teeth is the cleaning process.

How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home? - 6 Things You Should Know

6. Don’t Forget The Butt!

Many Corgis are born fluff balls, and they get it from their parents. If you don’t trim your dog’s butt and keep it away from the rest of his body, it can get very fluffy and prone to matting. Regular grooming can prevent this from happening, and you can even take your Corgi to a professional groomer who specializes in paws. Trim your Corgi’s butt and keep it away from his body so that he doesn’t have a fluffy butt that can easily get knotted. Outside of trimming your Corgi’s butt, you can also use a Soft Slicker Brush or Furminator to keep his coat smooth and clean and remove any dead fur. You can also use a comb to remove any knots from his coat and remove dead fur.

Bonus Tips:

Here are two bonus tips, that will help you groom your Corgi better than ever. You might not think of them as tips but they hold value. 

Make it a part of your daily routine

Making grooming a regular part of your daily routine will allow you to address any issues with your Corgi’s coat before they become a problem. If you find that your Corgi’s coat is matting, you’ll know to brush him regularly and use a conditioner to prevent static. If your Corgi has a soft undercoat, you’ll be able to use a conditioner to help keep his coat soft and prevent static. Keeping your Corgi’s coat clean, smooth, and free of tangles will keep him comfortable and happy while also saving you time and money from having to schedule a professional groomer.

Make grooming something you love to do

Grooming your Corgi can be something you love to do if you take the time to do it right. Make sure you have the proper tools, like a Furminator or Slicker Brush, and choose a conditioner made for dogs that’s gentle enough for your Corgi’s coat. By keeping your Corgi’s coat clean and smooth, you can help prevent tangles from forming and keep his coat from getting matted. That’s six things you should know before grooming your Corgi at home. If you want to learn more, feel free to talk to your local breed club, your veterinarian, or visit the AKC website. Your fluffy dog will thank you with love, loyalty, and kisses!

Why Should Corgis Be Regularly Groomed?

Corgis and similar breeds have a double coat to protect them from the elements and make them look good. While the coat itself is soft, it can get matted, especially if your Corgi lives inside most of the year. The ideal weekly grooming schedule to keep your Corgi’s coat healthy is to brush him once a week and have him groomed every six months for a full grooming.

The longer you wait between groomings, the more likely your Corgi will have mats in his coat. Matted fur is not only uncomfortable for your Corgi, but it can be itchy and cause irritation.

How To Groom Your Fluffy Corgi At Home? - 6 Things You Should Know

Conclusion – Fluffy Corgi

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your Corgi’s coat clean, but it’s important to know how often to groom him, as well as what products to use. By following some of these grooming tips, you can keep your Corgi’s coat looking its best and healthy.

Well, this was a long post hope you gained some valuable information from it. Good luck on grooming your Corgi and let us know how it goes!

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