Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels? A Perfect Pair?

Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels? A Perfect Pair?

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Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels?

Everything bagels have grown in popularity because of their unique toppings and flavor, but can dogs eat everything bagels? Many people enjoy the yummy everything seasoning topping, but if you have a dog, you may be wondering if he or she can eat these delicious seasonings that come with everything bagels.

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Quick Answer

The answer is no, dogs should not eat everything bagels. Not only are they loaded with carbohydrates, but they also contain many ingredients that aren’t considered safe for consumption by dogs.

What Are Everything Bagels?

In case you’re not familiar with everything bagels, they’re a type of bagel topped with a comprehensive mix of toppings. From sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and dried onion flakes to garlic bits. While some people love them on their own, others like to eat them as a sandwich or snack with cream cheese or other spreadable cheeses.

Everything Bagel Ingredients. Safe For Dogs?

Some Of the most common Ingredients are poppy seeds, onions, raisins, blueberries, sesame seeds, and garlic powder. Which are all common bagel seasonings and ingredients that are dangerous for dogs

  • Garlic – Toxic In Large Quantities
  • Onions – Extremely Toxic
  • Raisins – Can Cause Kidney Failure 
  • Salt – Toxic 
  • Blueberries – Safe
  • Sesame Seeds – Safe In Small Quantities 
Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels? A Perfect Pair?

My Dog Ate An Everything Bagel? What Will Happen?

If your dog or puppy ate an everything bagel, it may be safe to assume you’re wondering if they are okay and what exactly an everything bagel is. Well, you’re in luck.

When It Comes To The Seasoning:

Raw garlic and onion are more dangerous than cooked. It takes a LOT of garlic and onion to cause serious illness. Your dog would need to eat more than a pound of raw garlic in a fairly short period of time to cause drastic illness.

When It Comes To The Bagel:

The actual bagel can cause bloating, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea even if eaten too much. The same goes for any bread. your pup eats a lot of everything bagels, it could cause him to become overweight or even obese.

Can Dogs Get Sick From Everything Bagels?

Yes, dogs can get extremely sick from eating everything bagels. Due to some of the ingredients such as Garlic and Onion. The ingredients can be extremely toxic and even life threatening. 

Most of the ingredients are toxic to dogs when eaten in large quantities. However, even small quantities can cause a minor sickness.

What To Do If My Dog Ate An Everything Bagel?

It’s important to remember not to panic. Stay calm. The more panicked you are the worse it can be for both of you. There is no reason to b epanicked and we’ll go over down below what to do in the following situation if you’re dog ate an everything bagel.

First – Evaluate

The first step is to evaluate the situation. Stay calm, don’t panic! Everything will be just fine. Firstly check how much of the bagel or bagels your dog ate. Check if he ate the seasonings and how much of the bagel. Write it all down so you remember.

Second – Wait

The second step is to wait. By wait we mean give your dog a couple of hours and see if he develops any symptoms. These symptoms can be from basic symptoms such as upset stomachs to tiredness and even diarrhea. If he does move on the to the last step. If no symptoms are developed it’s best to wait a little longer and see what occurs.

Third – Vet Visit

The last step if you’re dog developed minor symptoms is to visit your vet, Don’t wait! It’s best to see your vet as soon as possible. You’re vet will treat your dog accordingly and help relive the situation. 

Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels? A Perfect Pair?

Conclusion – Can Dogs Eat Everything Bagels

There are so many different brands of everything bagels out there, which is a great thing for us but not so much for our dogs. While we all love everything bagels, they’re simply not an option for dogs, who need a very specific diet to stay healthy. Don’t be tempted to give them as a snack, and certainly not an entire bagel!

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