The Daily Life of a Husky: Why Are They So Dramatic?

The Daily Life of a Husky: Why Are They So Dramatic?

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Why Are Huskies So Dramatic?

Why are huskies so damn dramatic omg Loudly crying face I had to put Ares in his kennel today and he was literally screaming at the top of his lungs like someone was hurting him Loudly crying face

If you’ve ever seen a picture of one, you probably know that huskies look like they have sad faces all the time, even when they’re happy! While you might think it’s just because their big eyes and ears make them look like this, it actually has more to do with their personalities than their appearances. That’s why today we’re going to take a look a deeper look into this over dramatic dog breed.

They’re known for being a bit moody and dramatic and this brings up some questions about their behavior. About, why are huskies so dramatic?

Quick Answer

Because they’re huskies! It’s as simple as that. The nickname for a husky is the wolf dog because they tend to take on some very canine characteristics. Huskies are energetic, loyal, and affectionate, but also independent and stubborn. They are not easy dogs to train and can be quite vocal when unhappy or bored. If you want a quiet companion, a husky is probably not your best bet.

When you ask them to do something and they don’t want to do it, they’ll start creating some drama. The best approach to huskies being dramatic, is to go along with their drama. However sometimes, they can seriously get out of control. So, to ensure that you use the right training tactics to keep them under control keep reading this article to find out.

Huskies Being Weird & Dramatic

Huskies So Dramatic?

Most of the time, huskies get dramatic in a playful way. But, their behavior can annoy you. Now, you might be wondering why they behave like this. If you want to know the answer, you need to look at the bigger picture and understand their personality. 

Huskies Personality

Free-spirited and stubborn dogs.  They love to ignore commands. 

So, after a short view of their personality. Huskies tend to not listen to commands. Due to this they might get into trouble. And, As a result. They start their drama and weird behavior. Most of the time, their drama is silly and goofy. They might make strange noises, stare at you, and begin to howl and do all sorts of crazy things.

Note: Huskies being goofy and silly is just common Husky behavior.

Top 5 Reasons That Make Huskies React Dramatically, and Vocally 

As mentioned earlier, Huskies tend to be silly and goofy at times, but overall they’re very intelligent and alert dogs. Let’s have a look at a couple of reasons that make them huskies react, well over react.

1. React to Surroundings (Sounds)

As mentioned earlier, Huskies are alert dogs. So they get alert when a siren goes off, or a baby starts crying or any other noise from their surroundings. According to AKC Huskies react to external sounds, more than any other dog breed. These noises don’t make them afraid. In fact, they enjoy the noises and even start mimicking them. And, sometimes these noises can be interpreted as crying or being a little dramatic. 

They respond and mimic these noises, and it looks and sounds like they are whining which leads owners to think of them being dramatic.

2. Stressful Situations (When They Expect Things To Go Their Way)

Huskies are stubborn, and sometimes dramatic when they expect things to go their way. When it doesn’t happen, they get pissed off. Huskies don’t like stressful situations, so reacting to these situations in a weird and dramatic way is actually quite normal behavior.

Note: When dogs make noises, it means something is disturbing or bothering them. So take a look around and see what might be causing it

3. To Convey A Message

Huskies might sometimes react and be a bit dramatic, to convey a message to their owners or friends that aren’t fully getting what they are trying to say. When they howl or whine at you, it might mean, that they want to say something to you. 

4. Enormous Sense Of Curiosity 

Just like most dogs, Huskies have an enormous sense of their curiosity. They like to go and search and explore new places. We’ve all seen dogs go and sniff. They enjoy doing that! When they’re prevented from doing it. They might get into a bit overdramatic side of theirs.

5. Get Bored Easily 

Huskies are super active dogs. They love to run, play and jump. So if they’re sitting at home. Being couch potatoes they’re probably going to get a little bit upset and unhappy. Therefor leading to there dramatic appearances and sounds.

So, it’s not one hundred percent true that they’re always dramatic, sometimes, they do strange things to react to different situations. 

The Daily Life of a Husky: Why Are They So Dramatic?

Are Huskies Drama Queens?

While many huskies are as happy as can be all day, every day, there are some who seem to live for drama. The term drama queen is often used to describe a person who creates situations that are self-serving or otherwise problematic. For example, an employee may spend her time creating small issues in order to call attention to herself, thereby garnering more job security.

It’s important to remember that not all dogs are created equal. Some breeds have been bred specifically for their temperaments and energy levels. If you have a husky with a flair for drama, it’s possible he’s acting out because he feels insecure—or perhaps he’s just bored! Regardless of his motives, it’s always best to take your dog seriously when he acts out; ignoring him will only make matters worse.

Why Are Huskies so Vocal?    It’s in their genes. They are an extremely talkative and overreacting dog breed. So if you’re husky is talking or whining non-stop. Don’t worry because it’s completely normal.

Why are Huskies Such Stubborn Dogs?

Huskies are intelligent and independent dogs. They like to learn new things on their own. And, when things are trying to be taught to them, they become very stubborn. So, it’s just in their genes.

why is my husky dramatic

Top 3 Ways To Prevent Your Husky From Continuing Drama? 

Husky’s act dramatic mostly due to their surroundings as mentioned above. You need to discourage this dramatic behavior of theirs, but how? 

Follow and try the below-given to attempt to fix their dramatic instincts: 

  • Train Your Husky  

They’re usually known for their independent mindset. They don’t like to obey commands. When you bring this lovely creature home, ensure that you properly train them. A well-trained husky will not create or instigate too much drama.

Note: Ensure that you reward them for showing good behavior.  

  • Be a Good Leader 

Regardless of the relationship, you have with your husky. Ensure that they respect you at all times/costs. You need to act and be like their leader. If not they won’t obey your commands. And, lead this will lead to their dramatic behavior. As you know that they’re drama queens, so never react aggressively.  

  • Give Them Time 

Huskies demand lots of time and one on one attention. When you spend time with them, they become less dramatic. They will start to obey you and think of you as their leader. This takes time so try to be patient. 

husky dog dramatic

Conclusion – Why Are Huskies So Dramatic?

That’s just what a husky is! It’s their personalities and reactions.  Take your time when choosing a dog—you want to make sure you’ll be able to handle all aspects of raising a husky before making that kind of commitment. There are plenty other amazing breeds out there if you don’t think huskies are for you—dogs that require less work, but which might not have as much personality and charisma!

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