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Can Dogs Hurt themselves By Jumping off Bed? 

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Can Dogs Hurt themselves By Jumping off Bed

Dogs are energetic, curious animals, and most can’t get enough bounding around and exploring their environment. This is why you may see your dog doing odd things such as jumping off the edge of your bed but do you know this jumping can be dangerous?  

Quick Answer:

Dogs can hurt themselves by jumping off the bed and can hit a piece of furniture like a table or sharp-edged dresser. Jumping off near a fireplace increases the risk of their burning and puts your house at risk of fire. Similarly, dogs can have fractures, bone injuries, and spinal issues from jumping off height.  

Fortunately, most injuries that your dog might get from jumping off the bed should heal in time. But if you take some precautions beforehand and monitor your dog closely while they’re jumping off the bed – the risk is significantly lowered. Let’s take a look at what potential dangers your dog may be exposed to by jumping off the bed, ways to keep them jumping off the bed, and some safety tips. Let’s dive in!  

Why Do Dogs Jump off the Bed? 

Jump-off behaviors are usually a sign of energy and boredom. Dogs who feel pent-up energy and are bored are more likely to engage in destructive and attention-seeking behaviors, like jumping off the bed.  

Exercise is crucial for dogs of all ages, even puppies. It helps them burn off excess energy and strengthens their muscles. It’s essential to find ways to exercise your dog that they enjoy, so they look forward to the activity. Mentally stimulated dogs are less likely to engage in destructive behaviors like jumping off the bed.  

While some pups jump off the bed out of boredom, others jump because they’re anxious. Dogs who jump off the bed may do so because they want to go elsewhere. This could be due to a lack of mental stimulation in their current environment, or it could signify that they’re anxious. 

When Can Dogs Jump Off Beds? 

Dogs can start jumping off the bed as early as 10 weeks old. However, it’s essential to remember that this is still a difficult time for your puppy. This is the equivalent of a human going through puberty, so their hormones are all over the place. In this state, your puppy may feel more anxious, restless, and excitable than usual.  

For this reason, it may be a good idea to keep your puppy on a leash or crate while jumping off the bed. This will help keep them safe while they go through this tough time. After they have seemingly grown out of this stage, you can let them jump off the bed whenever they want. 

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Dogs jumping off the Bed: 6 Potential Dangers!  

Dogs jumping off the beds or couches look cute and add fun to life, but frequent jumping without restriction can become a habit. When dogs become habitual of jumping off anywhere, they can have serious issues.  

There are numerous ways that dogs can hurt themselves while trying to jump off the bed.  

1. Burning Risk  

Jumping off the bed near a heat source is a significant burning risk to dogs. This can be especially dangerous during the winter when it’s cold outside. Your house may be warm, but the fireplace still produces warmth. This could lead to your dog getting burned even though the room is cold. 

Dogs don’t feel pain the same way humans do, so they aren’t likely to know that they’re hurt until it’s too late. For this reason, you must keep anything that could cause burns away from your dog. This includes keeping them away from your fireplace, candles, and other heat sources.  

Also, be careful when you’re around these things as well!  

2. Food Contamination  

If a dog jumps off and lands near their food or water bowls, they could contaminate their food and water by stepping in. This is especially a concern if your dog has a condition like diarrhea, where they have loose stools that can be easily spread around the house.  

Dogs with poor hygiene can transfer germs to puppy food and make them sick too. That is why it is recommended not to feed your dog near beds or couches and you don’t know when a dog lands in the food and ruins for everyone.   

3. Physical Injuries  

Jumping can cause physical injuries such as sprains and fractures, especially in growing puppies and elderly dogs. There is no doubt that dogs falling off the beds could have head injuries, bleed their nose, twist legs or show fractures. If your dog gets fracture after falling from the height, your visits to vet are confirmed. Deep fractures may require rest or even surgeries but it all depends on the damage and how long it will take to get normal.   

4. Knocking Over Furniture   

Another danger of dogs jumping off the bed is them knocking something over. Whether it’s a table, a dresser, or any other piece of furniture, your dog has the potential to knock these items over if they jump into them. This could cause a lot of damage and possibly injure your dog if they’re jumping at a high enough height. 

5. Fire Issue

If your dog is jumping off the bed near a heat source, they could start a fire that can prove devastating to the dog, and the whole family. Bedding, blankets and couches catch fire in no time making it life-threatening. So, make sure to have a fire alarm and everything set to deal such unpredictable circumstances.  

6. Risks to Other Animals  

Dogs jumping off the bed are also a risk to other animals, including cats and small dogs. There is no guarantee that the floor they are falling over is free or other animals are resting or playing. They can fall over them and it is especially dangerous for large dog breeds as they are unable to control themselves. Fellow animals can get bone injury, fracture or anything even more dangerous. Bulky dogs also get considerable damages from jumping off the bed.   

Before we get into the main ways. Above is a video from Topdogtips showing some ways to prevent your dog from jumping. 

5 ways to Keep Your Dog from Jumping Off the Bed 

For dogs, beds are often their favorite place to be. Whether it is a cozy bed or a comfy couch, your dog will likely want to spend most of its time there.  

As much as your dog might love being on the bed, there are some precautions you should take to keep your dog as safe as possible.  

  1. Start by putting away any items that could be dangerous if they are knocked over by your dog jumping off the bed. This includes anything on or near the bed and the bed itself.  
  2. If the bed is a danger, you can put it on a table or a high surface. If you choose to put it on a high surface, be sure that your dog can’t jump to a higher surface from there.  
  3. You also want to make sure you don’t put the bed near anything that could be knocked over by your dog jumping on it.  
  4. Dogs jump on the bed for many reasons, such as seeking warmth, wanting attention, or wanting to play. To keep them safe, use dog beds with elevated sides to give them a place they can jump on and off of without risk of falling off the bed or hurting themselves if they happen to be jumping on the bed to seek warmth.  
  5. You can also place a dog ramp beside the bed to give them a safer place to jump on and off of the bed. Another option is to let them sleep on the floor near the bed. In order to further prevent falls and other injuries, you can also purchase dog bedding with non-slip fabric. 

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe from Jumping Injuries 

One of the most common issues with dogs and beds is the risk of falls. Many dogs are jumpers, and beds are often just a bit too tall for them to leap off of without assistance.  

For larger dogs, this can be quite a leap. The height of the bed off the ground can strain a dog’s joints. For dogs with joint issues, this can make sleeping difficult. For dogs without joint issues, this is a problem of safety. The landing from a bed is hard on all dogs, and there is a risk of injury.  

So, even if your dog is a jumper, there are some tips for keeping it safe from falls. 

  1. Avoid letting your dog jump down from high places if it is not fit for a fall. Make sure your dog has a soft landing such as a dog bed, sleeping mat, or even a blanket to cushion a fall.  
  2. You can also invest in a lift for your dog so it does not have to jump down from a bed or other high place.  
  3. Make sure your dog is at a healthy weight so it does not put too much stress on bones and joints when jumping off a bed or other elevated surface.  
  4. You can also buy a dog ramp to make it easier for your dog to get on and off a bed or another elevated surface. 
  5. When dogs jump from high places, there is a risk of injury. Jumping from a bed can strain a dog’s joints or cause a sprain, especially in larger breeds. So, train them to properly sit on the bed and have fun while doing other things. Jumping should not be the last thing in their life.  

Conclusion – Dogs Jumping Off the Bed  

Dogs are playful, curious creatures. This is one of the reasons why they are so loved, but it also means that they can get into trouble easily. If your dog is jumping off the bed, it’s important to make sure they are doing so safely. 

The best way to do this is to remove the bed from the situation completely. If your dog spends a lot of time jumping off the bed, you may want to invest in a dog agility course. This is a fun way for your dog to release some energy, while also having a constructive outlet for their curious nature. 

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