Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!  

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!  

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Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!

Dogs are very nosy little creatures. They like to snoop around and eat anything and everything they can find in the pantry. As a dog parent, your biggest concern is always making sure your dog didn’t eat something hazardous or toxic. Sometimes the things that seem harmless end up causing the most damage. Poppy seeds can be considered as one of those things. So, ‘can dogs eat poppy seeds?’ 

Quick Answer

The answer is, No. Poppy seeds are extremely poisonous and should not be eaten by your dog. If your dog has eaten a large number of poppy seeds by accident, you need to take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. Poppy seeds contain opiates which are really harmful to dogs. 

Sometimes it’s really hard to keep your dog from eating random food. What you can do instead is learn about the nature of different foods. Knowing if something is harmful or not to your pet will prepare you to take immediate action. You can also avoid the usage of certain harmful things for your dog’s safety as well. 

What Can Happen If Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? 

Do you perhaps remember Dorothy from Wizard of Oz? In the movie how she ‘falls asleep’ in the field of poppies? Ever wondered why that happened? Well, it’s because poppy seeds contain narcotic substances like opioids. They can make you unconscious or in a fizzy state. 

Poppy flowers, their seeds, and their entirety are extremely toxic to dogs. Consuming a little amount can still do harm. Little amounts can cause vomiting, high heart rate, trouble breathing, etc. Not only that if your dog ate a decent amount of poppy seeds it can cause severe damage to the nervous system. 

‘What if my dog accidentally ate some poppy flowers?’ Alkaloids and Opioids are present in poppies as well, Poppy flowers contain poppy seeds that’s why they’re equally dangerous. Poppy seeds are sometimes used as a pain relief medicine, however, they are lethal to dogs. You need to take your dog to the doctor as soon as possible because poppy seeds can cause poppy poisoning which may lead to death. 

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!  

Can Dogs Eat Foods With Poppy Seeds? 

What if your dog was feeling hungry and decided to help himself to some freshly baked muffins that had poppy seeds? Will it still be harmful? Yes. Even though the amount of poppy seeds in muffins or cupcakes is significantly less, it can still make your dog sick. It can upset his stomach which can lead to vomiting.  

The best way you can deal with this situation is by monitoring your dog. If he seems to be vomiting and is showing distress then call the vet. If not then monitor for 24 hours, if no obvious symptoms then it’s best to make your dog fast for a while before feeding him some simple diet of boiled chicken. 

‘Is poppy seed dressing also bad?’ Yes. It may not have enough poppy seeds to seriously harm your dog; it still isn’t a good option. Poppyseed dressing contains ingredients other than poppy seeds that can be harmful to dogs. So, it’s best to avoid giving your dog salad with poppy seed dressing as it may contain too many carbs and sugar making it very unhealthy. 

What is Poppy Poisoning? 

Poppy poisoning can occur in dogs who either chewed on some poppies or ate poppy seeds. It can cause serious damage to the brain because it contains alkaloids, morphine, and codeine. If you didn’t know, these chemicals are used to relieve pain and can induce you into an unconscious state. That’s how it is for humans, however for dogs, it can be lethal. 


If you’re suspecting your dog of eating poppy seeds but are not exactly sure. Look out for the following symptoms.  

  1. No appetite 
  2. Pinpoint pupils 
  3. Trembling 
  4. Weakness 
  5. Trouble in breathing 
  6. Depression 
  7. Sedation 
  8. Slowed heart rate 

If you notice any of these symptoms immediately take your dog to the vet. Do NOT try to induce vomiting by yourself thinking it will empty the system. No, it will end up doing more harm if you do it unsupervised. And, if it’s been more than 90 minutes vomiting is not going to remove the toxins as they’re already absorbed by the blood. 


The veterinarian may induce vomiting to remove the remaining pieces of poppy seeds if it hasn’t been more than 90 minutes. However, that doesn’t work most of the time. Activated charcoal will be administered for removing the rest of the toxin. 

If your dog is having trouble breathing, the doctor will provide your dog with an oxygen tube allowing him to breathe comfortably. He may be put into an oxygen cage, a device used to maintain steady breathing. 

If your dog has constricted pupils, depression, or anything related to mood. Keeping him in a dark and quiet room will help in calming him. Lastly, if your dog has a decreased heart rate, he might be hospitalized overnight as the doctors need to monitor his heart rate throughout the night to ensure everything is okay. 

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!  

Similar Plants Like Poppies You Should Be Aware Of 

Poppies aren’t the only poisonous plant that you will find in the wild. What if your dog decided to chew on some unknown plants when you take it out for a walk? It’s best to know which plants are toxic and which aren’t so you can take immediate action. 

Sago Palm 

Sago palm tree looks like a small pine tree and can be found both indoors and outdoors. If ingested can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, liver failure, and even death. Sago palm seeds contain the most amount of toxins so if your dog has eaten some immediately contact your vet. 


As pretty as they look they’re definitely NOT good for your dog to eat. Avoid planting tulips indoors and make sure to keep your dog away from them when outdoors. Freshly planted tulips are the most poisonous. It can lead to an extremely upset stomach, loss of appetite, and depression.  


These pretty flowers can be found in many backyards. However, you need to keep your dog away from these. If ingested can cause vomiting, weakness, low blood pressure, coma, and even death. 

Lily of the Valley 

These sweet-smelling cute little bell-shaped flowers should be kept far away from dogs. Any part of the plant can cause serious heart problems in dogs. It’s been noticed that after consuming lily of the valley dogs their heart rate and rhythm increased. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is found in most gardens. It’s beneficial for us as it helps with skin and hair problems. Even consuming it has health benefits, but for humans. If your dog however consumes aloe vera, the saponins present in aloe vera can cause vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and general central nervous system depression. 

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? Surprising!  

Castor Bean 

Castor bean is uncommon in gardens however it’s majorly found in big parks. That’s why there’s a high chance your dog might end up eating it during a walk. Castor beans are harmful to dogs and cause vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. Severe cases may also include tremors, seizures, and even coma. 

These are a few plants that are poisonous to dogs however, the list doesn’t end here. There are many more plants out in the wild that are harmful to dogs. That’s why doing your research for the well-being of your pet is the best thing you can do. 

Conclusion – Can Dogs Have Poppy Seeds?

Sometimes even after trying your best, you’re unable to stop your dog from eating food that’s not meant for them. It’s not your fault it just happens. And when it does you often panic because you don’t know whether the food they consumed has ingredients that are harmful to them or not. That is why the best thing you can do to avoid a similar situation is to educate yourself. Learning about different ingredients to ensure the safety of your dog. Poppy seeds can be considered one of those ingredients. Though they seem harmless little seeds they’re actually full of toxins.  

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