Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon?

Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon?

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Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon and Coo?

Our cats are the sweetest and most babbling little creatures. A cat’s standard is to say, a lot more than just “meow.” But you may be wondering why cats coo? And, even sound like pigeons? Isn’t it weird, I mean like a pigeon? , 

The occasional cooing noises are cute, and there is naturally a positive reason! So, if your cat starts trilling and cooing, don’t worry. It’s normal. 

Quick Answer 

Take this sign as your cat is happy and relishing time with you. Cats chirp and coo when petting them, mostly when they want to play. Trilling is also a main cause for cats noises. 

So, like most cat noises such as meow, cats trill with their mouth shut when they sound like a bird. And, the result is a high-pitched, softened cooing sound. 

If it sounds like a pigeon cooing, that’s totally normal. Listen to what your cat might sound like, in the recording down below.

Let’s dive into the deeper answer!

How Come My Cat Sounds Like A Bird Cooing? 

When your cat sounds like a bird, it most likely means your cat is feeling excited. Or maybe your presence excites the cat. At, a certain point, cats mimic bird sounds of prey to hunt. There are many reasons to cats sounding like pigeons and birds as you can tell. So let’s go through the most common.

Common Causes: 

  • They’re Trilling
  • Kittens make bird sounds more often than regular meows. 
  • They might mimic the pigeon sounds by instinct. 
  • Cats coo at a young, playful age. 
  • Also, cats make bird sounds out of an expression of happiness than by their prey. 
  • To grab our attention
  • They want us to pet them


Cat trilling is a vocal form of communication that cats use to “talk” to other cats, humans, and even other animals. It’s a high-pitched, repetitive noise that comes out in short bursts. It’s also known as chirping. Therefor there trilling might remind you of a bird noise or better yet a pigeon. 

So, our cats tend to make these sounds in most cases, to grab our attention, trilling. And, mainly when our cats are in a mood to be pet!

Now, that we’re familiar with our cats meow birdsongs. What should our response be? 

Tips to Bond with Your Cooing Cat 

Here are some simple tips that can help get that strong bond between you and your cooing cat.

  • Cats love scratching posts 
  • Respond to your cat’s call 
  • Invest in some good cat toys 
  • Keep your little friend happy 
  • Spend time with your cat and pet her 
  • It’s a Sign to Follow Her 

I’m no cat noise sound expert but did you know, in a cat’s language, the bird sounds mean, “Follow me!”

So, it’s time to get up and see what your cooing cat wants. The chances are, your thrilling cat will eagerly hop into the next room and look back to ensure if you’re following her. No joke! But, don’t get surprised if your cat takes you: 

  • To a muddy litter box,  
  • An empty water tray,  
  • Maybe to her favorite toy! 

Mama cats make the cooing sound to speak with their newborns. 

  • A Sign To Give Your Cat Love and Attention 

Most of us might feel that cats are cranky and snobby. But, if you satisfy your cat’s cuddle cravings, give some love for a petting session. Your cat would love it! 

Most of our naughty cats make cooing sounds to grab our attention. And, the cat’s trilling sounds turn into meows as soon as you answer your cat’s commands. 

  • Talk With Your Cat 

Cats are not always so willful when it comes to the sounds they make. Plus, it is not unusual for a cat to trill, meow, or coo at its favorite human. 

However, like us, cats also feel lonely sometimes, and need a lot of attention. So, if your cat is in the mood to chat, try offering a loud yet soft meow at your cat. And you’ll see your cat makes bird sounds right back to you. 

Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon? Sign of a Happy Cat 

Your cat often gets excited when you return home after long hours. Unlike most kitties who talk with us through vocal sounds, many cats frequently make bird sounds as a greeting. It’s a sign of a happy cat! So, your cats’ snuggling along with a quick coo is usually a warm welcome. Or they’re way of saying we love you.

Conclusion – Cat Sounding Like a Pigeon 

And, to sum it all up, our pet cats usually surprise us with sudden things we are not expecting. Like, cats often start making a pigeon’s sound and cooing. Well, such sounds may surprise you before, but now as you are aware of your cat’s birdsongs, start bonding with your furry friend when cooing!  

As pet owners, we should cherish our cats feeling and appreciate their cute expressions. So, cuddles and treats are some ways to express and give praising remarks to your cat. And, when we react nicely to our pets, we can make a strong bond with them. 

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