what to feed a cat with diarrhea

What to Feed a Cat with Diarrhea?

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What to Feed a Cat with Diarrhea? 

Cats suffer from diarrhea due to many reasons. Mostly the problem is due to a virus or any other disorder. In most cases, it’s not a serious problem. The most common reason for diarrhea in cats can be the change in food. It can result in excessive thirst and fever. Therefore, it will become essential to consult your vet. But many cat owners often ask what to give a cat with diarrhea? If you own a cat, you must have this question in mind. So, do you want to know the answer? If yes, then keep reading this post.  

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What Causes Diarrhea in Cats? 

Before we answer this question, what to feed a cat with diarrhea, it’s essential to understand what’s causing diarrhea in cats. There can be different reasons and let’s discuss the most important ones.  

  • Changes in Food 

When cats grow, you need to change food from kittens to adults, but it can cause diarrhea. Moreover, changing a food brand or type of cat food can also result in diarrhea in cats. Perhaps it’s time to switch from kitten to cat food.

  • Allergies

Sometimes cats are allergic to specific ingredients in the food. If the problem persists, it might be because of specific proteins or other ingredients in a cat’s food.  

  • Bacteria 

Bacteria, pathogens, and parasites can also be reasons for diarrhea in cats. When kittens mature to adults, ensure that their stools are checked for worms and parasites three to four times.  

Sometimes cats are infected by bacteria during hunting, or their mother cats pass these worms and other pathogens to their babies. So, consult your vet for screening if the problem persists for more than two days.  

  • Diseases 

Some other diseases like liver issues, gastrointestinal cancer, and pancreatitis can also cause diarrhea in cats. So, whenever you witness dehydration or weight loss in cats, it’s time to visit a vet.  

  • Human Food 

When cats eat something they shouldn’t have eaten, they experience diarrhea. For example, when cats accidentally eat human food, it results in diarrhea and vomiting.  

Now, let’s move to a solution.  

What to Feed a Cat with Diarrhea?

What to Feed a Cat with Diarrhea?  

So, let’s find what to give a cat with diarrhea without wasting any time. Try the following options and prevent the condition from getting worst.  

Changes in Diet 

Before trying any medications or other solutions, vets usually recommend simple approaches. For example, if you have a healthy cat, the vet might suggest you withhold food for 24 hours. Moreover, you can feed them a light and easily digestible diet. Whatever the diet you feed to your kitten, ensure that you provide plenty of water with it.  

  • Try Homemade Diet 

If the condition isn’t severe, you can prepare a homemade diet for your cat. Vets usually recommend boiled pasta or rice with boiled skinless chicken. If it doesn’t benefit your cat, it will not cause any damage.  

  • Feed Vet Supplied Diet 

For treating diarrhea in cats, feeding such diets can do wonders. These diets are balanced and specifically formulated. They balance bacteria in the intestine and help cats recover from diarrhea quickly.  

  • Make Changes in Cat’s Food 

When cats don’t get the required nutrition, they suffer from diarrhea. Ask the vet to perform your cat’s nutrition assessment. In most cases, vets recommend changes in the cat’s diet. For example, vets mostly suggest food rich in complex carbohydrates and an easily digestible diet. Moreover, they suggest lower-fat food for quick recovery.  

When cats suffer from diarrhea, the first and most effective way is to feed them a fiber-rich diet. Luckily, pumpkin is the tasty way to provide fiber to your feline friend. But when choosing a pumpkin for your kitten, ensure that you choose a sugar-free and unseasoned kind.  

Foods To Feed cats With Diarrhea 

  • Pumpkin

When you choose a pie filling type, it can cause more damage than good. Canned pumpkin puree contains a high percentage of fiber that can absorb excess water and firm up your cat’s stool.

  • Plain Yogurt 

Yes, this natural home remedy is an excellent treat for dogs. It contains Probiotics organism and helps maintain bacteria in balance in the cat’s intestine. Avoid feeding too much yogurt to cats, and it must be free from spices. The best approach is to feed plain yogurt to cats suffering from diarrhea.  

Other Treatments 

  • Encourage Electrolyte Intake 

When cats suffer from diarrhea, they lose a sufficient amount of water which results in dehydration. Therefore, it’s essential to encourage water intake in cats. The best approach is to fill their water bowl with fresh and clean water.  

If possible, add another bowl and ensure that it contains diluted beef or chicken broth. If you’re still unsure about how to increase water intake, switch your kitten’s diet from kibble to canned food. Try adding one or two tablespoons of warm water into canned food. But stop this practice when your cat recovers from diarrhea.   

  • Feed Hydrolyzed Food 

If the cat suffers from diarrhea due to food allergies, the vet will perform nutritional trials. These trials will help to determine the ideal meal plan for your kitten. Novel protein or hydrolyzed foods are recommended for these cats.   

  • Anti-Diarrheal Medication 

We don’t recommend using these medications without the supervision of a vet. Some medications can be dangerous for cats. But kaolin-pectin is safe for cats. But read the label and dosing instructions to avoid any issues. Moreover, before using this medication, don’t forget to read the ingredients.  

  • Aggressive Treatment 

When you don’t see any improvement in the condition for two to three days or your cat refuses to drink water, the condition worsens. The best approach is to inform your vet about the situation. In such cases, you need to go for aggressive treatment. For example, the vet might take blood and urine samples to identify underlying organ dysfunction.  

Severe and prolonged diarrhea is majorly due to loss of fluid. It also escalates dehydration. So, the vet will suggest subcutaneous or intravenous fluids to fix the dehydration.  

No doubt, diarrhea can result in weakness and dehydration. But the vet visit and right treatment can help your kitten get back to a healthy life.  

Final Words 

Being a cat owner it’s essential to know what to feed a cat with diarrhea. Suppose you don’t know that the condition can get worst and out of control. This article must have helped you identify the causes of diarrhea in cats, and after following the solutions, you can help your feline friends recover from it quickly.  

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your cute cat’s diet, medication, or physical activities. This information is not a replacement for professional advice.

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