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Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? ANSWERED!

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Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit? Finally Answered and Revealed

If you’re looking for a short answer, then the answer is ‘Yes’ dogs can eat dragon fruit. It’s also called pitaya or pitahaya. This fruit mostly grows in North and South America. It’s a fruit of moonlight cactus. When you see this fruit from inside, it is white with small black seeds. It has a bright pink exterior with yellow-green spines.  

Without any doubt, it has a surprisingly sweet taste. But the question is can dogs eat dragon fruit? Is dragon fruit good for dogs? So, do you want to know the answers? If yes, then this guide is for you.  

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?  

Yes, they can. It’s perfectly safe and non-toxic for dogs. More importantly, it’s healthy for your furry friend. Flesh, rind, and seeds of the dragon fruit are safe for dogs. 

Moreover, it contains lots of vitamin C, so that it can be a healthy treat for dogs. But, the best practice is to introduce dragon fruit slowly to your dog and see how their stomach reacts to it.  

Is Dragon Fruit Good for Dogs?  

Yes, it’s a good fruit for dogs to eat. But the choking hazard is the only concern when feeding dragon fruit to your dogs. Therefore, consider your dog’s size before deciding about feeding dragon fruit to dogs.  

The best approach is to monitor your dog whenever you feed them anything else than their regular food. Some dogs have sensitive tummies, so this non-toxic fruit can still bother them. When dogs suffer from digestive issues, the best approach is to avoid feeding them dragon fruit.  

Most pet owners often ask, is dragon fruit poisonous? The answer is no. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing in the dragon fruit plant that can be poisonous for dogs.  

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? ANSWERED!

Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit? 

As dragon fruit is non-toxic and completely safe for dogs to eat, so you can feed them in moderation. The best approach is to prepare it properly before feeding it to your dog. First of all, peel the external skin layer. Allow your furry friends to eat the flesh of dragon fruit.  

What Are the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Dogs? 

It’s not only safe for dogs to eat, but it is also full of minerals and vitamins. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of dragon fruit for dogs.  

  • Low in Calories  

If you want to control your dog’s weight, give them dragon fruit because it’s low-calorie fruit. In 3.5 ounces of dragon fruit, there are only 60 calories.  

  • Rich in Fiber 

As a dog owner, you must have an idea of how fiber-rich food helps regulate blood sugar in dogs. Moreover, such foods can help lower cholesterol as well. There are 1.8 grams of fiber in 3.5 ounces of dragon fruit.  

  • Vitamin C 

Dragon fruits are rich in vitamin C, and it helps boost your dog’s immune system. Moreover, vitamin C improves cognitive function and reduces inflammation. Like humans, dogs produce their own vitamin C, but feeding fruits like dragon fruit can help them get extra vitamin C.  

  • Antioxidants  

They’re good for both humans and dogs because when oxidation happens in our cells, it produces free radicals. Free radicals can be dangerous and result in cancer. Therefore, feeding dragon fruit to dogs provides antioxidants and protects cells from aging.  

  • Omega-3 and Omega-9 

Dragon fruit contains these fatty acids. Crunchy seeds in dragon fruit provide these fatty acids. These fatty acids are vital for keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Moreover, they strengthen the immune system of your furry friends. Finally, both these fatty acids can help reduce inflammation as well.  

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? ANSWERED!

Different Types of Dragon Fruit 

As mentioned earlier, it’s safe for dogs to eat. Therefore, most dogs don’t react negatively to it. Before feeding dragon fruit to your dog, you must know its different types. Let’s have a look at some of the types of dragon fruit.  

  • Pink Dragon Fruit 

These fruits come from Vietnam, and dogs can eat them. It has bright pink skin and white flesh inside and small black seeds.  

  • Red Dragon Fruit 

They’re almost similar to the above type, but the only difference is the fruit’s flesh. Moreover, it’s safe for dogs to consume it. It’s a rich source of minerals, vitamin C, and fiber. You can easily get it all year-round in Costa Rica.  

  • Purple Dragon Fruit 

It’s a type of red dragon fruit, but this type of dragon fruit will have a purple shade interior. Moreover, it might be a hybrid of pink and red pitayas. But like other types, it’s full of nutritional content.  

  • Yellow Dragon Fruit 


Its peel is bright yellow, and flesh is white. It’s rarer in most parts of the world, but it’s sweeter than all the types mention-above. It grows in Southeast Asia, so dogs in Europe and America might not get this type of dragon fruit.  

Is Dragon Fruit Safe for Dogs? 

Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat dragon fruit, but dogs should eat only the flesh of this fruit. When consumed in small amounts, it provides plenty of health benefits to dogs. But to enjoy these benefits, feed dragon fruit to dogs in moderation.  

Is Dragon Fruit Skin Safe for Dogs? 

No, it’s not because the skin of dragon fruit is hard, leathery, and spiky. The skin of dragon fruit can cause a choking hazard in dogs. Most dog breeds swallow food instead of chewing it. It’s not easy for dogs to chew the skin of dragon fruit, and it can lodge in the throat of your dog. Moreover, when dogs swallow dragon fruit skin, it can cause intestinal blockage.  

In both issues, you need to consult your vet. Sometimes the surgery is required if the size of lodged dragon fruit skin is large. As mentioned at the start, you should prepare dragon fruit properly before feeding it to your dog.  

How to Feed Dragon Fruit to Dogs? 

Many dog owners often ask, how can they come to know that their dogs like dragon fruit? Now, one thing is clear that dragon fruit is safe for dogs to consume, but now you will have to see whether your dog likes it or not? First of all, introduce this fruit to your dog slowly. Start with small tiny pieces to see if there is any negative reaction. Feed this fruit in moderation and monitor your dog’s health.  

Another best approach is to consult your vet. When dogs consume it and feel fine, you can continue to feed them. Some dogs might have negative reactions like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, then stop feeding them immediately. Dogs love the texture and tastes of this fruit, so it is a perfect treat for dogs.  

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? ANSWERED!

Wrap-Up on Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit 

Yes, they can eat dragon fruit because they’re non-toxic and perfectly safe for dogs to eat. But the best approach is to consult your vet or feed them in moderation. So, feeding dragon fruit to your dogs can help them enjoy many health benefits. The only issue is all types of dragon fruit are not available worldwide. So, you might get only one type of dragon fruit based on the country where you live.  

Consult a Vet
Make sure to always check with you’re vet before feeding your dog any dragon fruit. The advice above is recommended through research however every dog can react differently.

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