Old Dog Suddenly playful and Interactive? REVEALED! 

Old Dog Suddenly playful and Interactive? REVEALED! 

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Old Dog Suddenly playful and Interactive 

Usually when you encounter behavioral changes in a dog, these tend to show that something is wrong. It can be difficult to pinpoint what is happening, but more often than not, you will notice that old dogs in particular can shift their behavior quite a bit. As dogs age, they do end up bringing in a variety of behavioral changes, so it’s quite common to see these pets change their behavior from time to time. 

Why Do Old Dogs Deal With Behavioral Changes? 

If you see your old dog suddenly hyperactive, then you are not alone. There are many dog owners that end up with their dogs playful and with major behavioral changes. Many dog owners jump to the conclusion and they think that this is related to canine dementia. However, we shouldn’t blame everything just on dementia alone, as that’s not always the case. 

For example, chronic pain that comes from dental problems, mobility issues and arthritis pain can lead to changes in a dog’s behavior. While that might not seem that much of an issue at first, it can bring in its fair share of problems that you need to keep in mind.  

The same thing can be said about cancer, metabolic problems, as well as neurologic diseases too. We can also add to that stuff like loss of vision, hearing or anything similar. There can be quite a lot of causes related to changes in a pet’s behavior.  

Can Anxiety Make Your Old Dog Suddenly Playful? 

That might very well be the case for lots of dogs. The idea here is that anxiety is influenced by environmental changes. So when there are some environmental changes in your pet’s life, then they can bring in lots of pressure and that builds up more energy. Needless to say, you have your old dog suddenly hyperactive, and you are clueless about the entire situation. Well, that’s what happens in short, so anxiety can very well be the cause of most issues like this one. 

Puppies and younger dogs in general are able to deal with routine inconsistencies much better, but that’s not the case for an old dog. Any changes in the environmental factor can lead to stress, and you will find your old dog suddenly playful because of that. It doesn’t mean that your pet is sick or anything, but it might very well be due to changes in their environment, anxiety or anything similar. 

Old Dog Suddenly playful and Interactive? REVEALED! 

What Kind of Behavioral Changes Should You Try To Find? 

One of the main behavioral problems that appears in the case of an old dog is definitely disorientation. This one appears whenever the pet is under a lot of pressure. At one point you see the old dog suddenly hyperactive, and then it just tries to go away, getting stuck behind furniture or in corners. You can also find other changes, mostly related to the sleep and wake cycle. If your old dog is not going to sleep and then waking up at the same time every day, that can be a sign that behavioral changes will ensue very soon. 

Activity changes, defecating and urinating in areas that are usually clean or interacting with other pets are other signs of behavioral changes too. Tracking these properly and making sure they are addressed properly and without any issues is exactly what you want to pursue in a situation like this. The vet can also let you know if your pet needs specific treatment. But in general, if your pet becomes hyperactive and it really feels out of nowhere, then there’s most likely a reason behind that. Assessing the behavior and health state of your pet will be the ideal way to handle such a problem, and in the end it’s well worth investigating. 

Should You Switch To a Diet Suitable for Older Dogs? 

We believe this is a fair assessment, since it allows you to offer a better-suited diet that will help your pet. After all, any old dog needs more vitamins, especially C and E, as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Generally, a veterinarian will be able to identify what vitamins and nutrients are lacking from your pet’s diet, and that can prevent any possible problems that might arise.  

If you encounter your old dog suddenly hyperactive and this is caused by health issues, the vet might even provide psychoactive medications. These are better-suited only in the more demanding situations. Other than that, dietary supplements are the better pick, since they involve less risks and potential problems. 

Old Dog Suddenly playful and Interactive? REVEALED! 

Does This Mean That Your Dog Is In Pain? 

When you have your old dog suddenly playful, whimpering and barking, that might show that your pet is in pain. Again, this doesn’t happen ever so often, but it still is a sign that something might be wrong and you need to investigate it. Your dog might also signal other things, like a loss of hearing, a constant state of anxiety or cognitive problems. Since it can be difficult to assess and understand these things alone, taking your pet to the vet is ideal and it will help save quite a bit of time. 

What Does It Mean If Your Old Dog Is Sleeping More? 

There are times when you have an old dog suddenly hyperactive, but there are also times when your pet is sleeping more. The reality is that old dogs need more sleep time, so that’s actually something you want to see. However, frequent day time naps might also mean that your pet is not sleeping properly at this particular time.  

Vision or hearing loss, as well as anything similar, might cause your pet to not sleep properly. If you think that your pet doesn’t sleep enough, then you do want to make him work out and run more. This will tire him out and your pet will be able to sleep adequately. 

Your dog doesn’t remember old rules 

Just like humans, pets will forget things as they age. That’s something normal and you can expect your pet to forget some of your rules. When that happens, you do want to ensure that you are ready to take good care of him. That’s especially true in the case of bathroom accidents or anything like that. It’s ideal to stick with the right supplements and compounds that help your pet stay healthy and which protect his brain too. 

Should You Be Worried If You Your Old Dog is Suddenly Playful? 

Things like these appear very often in the case of an old dog. The reality is that whenever pets age, they have a different metabolism and lifestyle. So it’s normal to see behavioral changes. Maybe it might not seem normal at first, but if you ask most dog owners that have a senior pet, they will agree it’s something which appears very often. 

You shouldn’t be that worried if you have an old dog suddenly hyperactive, this is normal, however if the behavioral changes persist, you need to see a vet. He will be able to offer all the guidance and help that you need during this entire process. Of course, there are obvious challenges that can appear when it comes to your pet’s health, especially as he is getting older. You want to work closely with your vet and monitor all these issues as much as you can. Rest assured that taking good care of your pet, offering vitamins and supplements, but also creating an exercising routine can help quite a bit. Use these tips, and you will be able to keep your old pet healthy and happy for years to come! 

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