Can Dogs Eat Gourds? The Ultimate Full List Of Gourds

Can Dogs Eat Gourds? The Ultimate Full List Of Gourds

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Can Dogs Eat Gourds? All You Need To Know!

Dogs can occasionally get sick from eating certain foods. Some are easily identified as potential dangers to your pup, while others may seem like a random risk you’ve taken without thinking through the consequences. Fortunately, most gourds are safe for dogs to eat if you know where they come from and how much your dog can have before risking an upset stomach or other stomach problems.

Dog parents having common vegetable gourds often ask us, ‘Can dogs eat gourds?’. In this article, we’ll go over different kinds of gourds and whether dogs can eat them.

Quick Answer

Yes, dogs can eat gourds as they are rich in fiber and other nutrients that make digestion easy. But it also depends on the variety of gourds your dog eats as bitter gourd, ash, ridge, and sponge gourds are good to be consumed raw while others should be boiled or cooked.

Don’t skip the details of each gourd type. We’ll go over whether their healthy, safe, and their benefits. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in!

What Are Gourds?

To put it in simple terms. Gourds are the dried fruit of a large number of plants. Gourds are mainly ornamental. However, a type of known gourd is a pumpkin that is eaten.

In long terms gourds are types of fruit that grow in hot, dry areas. Of the types of gourds, pumpkins, squash, and gourds all belong to the same family. Pumpkins are orange, orange-colored, and yellow. The gourd family includes cucumbers and melons as well. Unlike gourds, these other vegetables are grown for their fruit, not for the vegetable itself. Gourds are also known as squashes, pumpkins, and cukes.

Can Dogs Eat Gourds?

There are many varieties of gourds, but not every gourd is good for your dog. Some types are fairly healthy for your dog to eat raw, while others are better when cooked. Thus, you need to find out which gourds are suitable for your dog and feed them in the right way.

Here’s a video of 15 fruits and vegetables that are excellent for your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Wild Gourds?

Wild gourds, like other plants and fruits, are not necessarily dangerous for dogs to eat. However, dogs should be careful about how much of them they consume.

Unlike domesticated plants, wild gourds are not grown to be eaten. It’s possible that a wild gourd is contaminated with bacteria or other toxins that can make your dog sick. When you go to the park and collect wild gourds for your dog’s meal, be sure to wash the plant carefully in the sink. You can also used a soft-bristled brush to scrub the gourd clean. When your dog eats the wild gourd, it will likely have no idea that it was anything other than a normal piece of fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Gourd Seeds?

This is a silly question. No they should not eat gourd seeds and cannot.

Gourd seeds can be a choking hazard for dogs. It is best to avoid gourd seeds for dogs since they are not always safe for them. It is best to check the gourd for kumquat seeds or other harmful seeds. A dog with a history of swallowing foreign objects should not eat gourds at all. If your dog eats a gourd seed, bring it right away to your veterinarian. They can make sure that there are no seeds or other foreign objects in the dog’s stomach.

List Of Gourds Safe for Dogs

We compiled a list of some of the most popular gourds. We gave it a grade of safeness a scale of 1-10, 10 being the lowest and hazardness (what you should avoid). 

Here is the list of different gourd varieties and their safeness on a scale of 1-10 and hazards: 

Bitter Gourd 

Your dog can eat bitter gourd either in raw or cooked form. In fact, it is a healthy addition to your pup’s diet as it is enriched in fiber. But be careful about pregnant dogs. Some studies suggest that bitter gourd can result in complications in a pregnant pup, so it is better to avoid it during that period and you should know whether your dog is pregnant or not before feeding the gourd.

Safeness: 9

Hazard: Pregnant Dogs

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is good for dogs only when cooked or boiled. Your dog may have stomach or digestive problems after eating raw bottle gourd. 


Hazard: Raw

Ivy Gourd

Raw ivy gourd is toxic if consumed in large quantities, so don’t allow your pup to eat raw ivy gourd. It is best to feed in the cooked form to get its benefits. Ivy gourd is safe for dogs when cooked/boiled and provides them with great nutrients.

Safeness: 8

Hazard: Raw/Large quantities

Can Dogs Eat Gourds? The Ultimate Full List Of Gourds

Ridge Gourd

Ridge gourds are one of the most highly nutritious gourds and can be eaten raw when they are fresh. There are small chances that your dog finds the raw smell unpleasant. So try cooking it. It gives it a sweet taste and makes it digestible. 

Ridge Gourds are the best gourds on this list. They’re safe, healthy, and beneficial.

Safeness: 10

Hazard: Large Quantities 

Ash gourd – Winter Melon

If your dog devours raw gourd, don’t go for other gourd varieties as ash gourd is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, and your dogs can eat raw or cooked ash gourd. Sum up ash gourd is an excellent choice.


Hazard: Unripe

Snake gourd

Avoid feeding dogs maturing snake gourds as they are hard to digest and cause stomach ailments. Similarly, excess consumption can lead to digestive problems. So when it comes to snake gourds there can be many issues. So it should be avoided. If your dog ate one don’t worry to much.

Safeness: 5

Hazard: Puppies

Sponge Gourd

Dogs with weak immune systems must have sponge gourd in their diet plan because it is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties to boost dogs’ immunity. Sponge gourds are excellent for dogs with weak immune systems and vets suggest feeding your dogs it!

Safeness: 7

Hazard: Raw

Luffa/Loofah Gourd

Dogs can safely eat luffa gourds. They are beneficial to dogs and include many vitamins. However, when luffa matures it becomes extremely toxic to a dog’s stomach. So older luffa so be avoided at all costs.

Safeness: 8

Hazard: When it matures it becomes extremely toxic

Can Dogs Eat Gourds? The Ultimate Full List Of Gourds

Are Decorative Gourds Bad for Dogs?

When it comes to dogs decorative gourds seem tasty. They can’t resist licking, sniffing, or sometimes even chewing these plants. 

Decorative dogs are not toxic to dogs, but some that have been treated can be. Besides that, it’s never suggested to feed your dog decorative gourds as it can cause them an upset stomach or even diarrhea. 

  • Treated decorative gourds are processed and rinsed with disinfectants such as laundry bleach or borax which are quite toxic to dogs. 
  • Gourds decorated with glued eyes, hats, feathers, glitter, or plastic spray finish may be particularly tempting but are potentially dangerous if swallowed.
  • If your dog accidentally consumes part of a decorative gourd, decorations can lodge in his throat or digestive tract, causing discomfort and, in extreme cases, requiring surgery.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Gourds?

As said earlier, most gourds are safe for dogs but if your dog consumes a large number of inappropriate gourd varieties, the following symptoms may appear:

  • The first symptom of excess gourd consumption is diarrhea that upsets your dog’s tummy.
  • Sharp edges of the decorated gourds can tear your dog’s intestine and result in nausea.
  • Excess ingestion of gourd leads to low blood sugar levels in dogs, and you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Note: If your dog does have any stomach issues after eating anything gourd related, it’s important to rule out any other potential causes. Stomach problems can come on gradually over time, so it may be useful to consult a vet. Your vet can rule out any other possible issues that may have caused your dog’s stomach distress, like a parasite, a bacterial infection, or some other kind of obstruction.

Are Gourds Poisonous to dogs?

Gourds are generally safe for dogs to eat. Depending on the gourd some are safer than others. There are some inedible gourds for dogs. However, none are 100% poisonous for dogs.

Keep in mind they can cause intestinal upset, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Some gourds can be toxic to dogs if they eat the seeds or inner husks of the gourd. The seeds and inner husks can be toxic if eaten whole or consumed by a dog who is not a large eater. Gourds are usually safe for dogs to eat if they are washed thoroughly before serving them to your pet dog.

Conclusion – Can Dogs Eat Gourds?

To sum up, gourds are safe for dogs to eat. Gourds are rich in vitamins and minerals. They provide a benefit to your dog.

Gourds are a common grocery item in the autumn. While they are safe for dogs to eat in moderation, they are not a common food item in most dogs’ diets. In this way, they are quite different from many other foods that dogs eat.

If your dog doesn’t find gourds tasty at first, you can try mixing them with other vegetables. Some of the gourds you cannot give to your dog. It includes Luffa Gourds. It is poisonous to dogs. 

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