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Do Siberian Huskies Get Along with Cats?  REVEALED!

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Do Huskies Get Along with Cats?  

Huskies belong to one of the most loveable dog breeds of all time. Their thick fur and blue eyes make them stand out in comparison to other dogs. Perhaps the most defining trait of huskies is that they have such a jolly disposition that they make your life fun. They are energetic and protective at the same time. All in all, having a husky as your companion is worth it.   

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What if you are a cat owner and you also want to adopt a husky? Questions such as Do huskies get along with cats? Do huskies like cats? might come up in your mind. 

Let me give you a straight answer: Huskies and cats are a risky venture, they don’t get along well. However, there is potential for change.  

Why Are Huskies Not Good With Cats?  

The answer is Evolution.  

You see, Siberian huskies have evolved in the arctic tundra, which is a place with harsh living conditions and scarcity of food and resources. This has made huskies develop a strong prey drive, which means that they may regard smaller animals as prey and try to hunt them down when they get the chance. Do you now see why there is a problem? This ingrained trait of huskies is only natural, and it does not make them bad. It is very unlikely that your husky will learn to control this trait on its own.   

But cats are also a part of this equation:  

Cats can be mischievous little devils, and this will not end well for them if they mess with a husky. They may also get anxious when they are around a husky, because of its size; this tension may make them try to attack the husky out of fear, which is only provocative.   

Like humans, a husky is also prone to feelings of jealousy. For animals of equal physical strength, this may not be an issue, but if your husky gets jealous of your cat then it may kill the cat out of envy.   

husky with cats

Is all hope lost?  Ideas For Getting a Husky and a Cat to Live Together

Certainly not! My intention is to list all of the details of the situation above was to make you aware of the gravity of the situation. When not handled properly, a situation of cats and huskies can turn into a matter of life and death for your cat, which is why owner discretion is always advised. With all being said, let me give you a sliver of hope: a husky and a cat can live in harmony, but it takes a lot of time and effort. How do you get your husky to get along with your cat? Let us look at possible solutions to this:  

  • Adopt them together as a puppy and kitten

If you are planning on having a husky and a cat in the house, the best possible way is to adopt both of them together as a puppy and kitten. It is easier for them to develop a bond if they are still in their infancy than it is for them to get along as adults. This is because they will see each other as equals if they grow and learn together. But if this is not an option for you then you should keep reading.  

  • Supervised interactions and playtimes

When bringing your husky into your house for the first time, it is important for you to nail the first few interactions with the cat. For the first couple of days, keep them both in separate rooms, so that the husky may acclimate itself in its new home. During the first interaction, you should keep them in separate corners of the room and keep the dog on a leash around your waist, so that it does not get a chance to charge towards your cat. Keep throwing both of them treats as distractions, to avoid the buildup of any tension between the two.  

You should keep supervising their interactions for the first couple of months. Never leave your cat alone with your husky. If push comes to shove and your husky tries to chase the cat, then you should command the husky in a deep voice with a firm “NO!”. When the husky listens, you should feed it with a treat. Over time it will learn that the cat is not something to be chased after.   

  • Keep the husky well-fed:  

This is quite obvious. If your husky is not well fed, then it will look out for potential sources of food, such as your cat. Make sure you feed it properly. For your convenience, we have discussed a few amazing dog biscuit recipes. Check those out.  

  • Understand the pack mentality:  

Huskies are pack animals. They have a ranking order inside their packs which determines each individual’s importance in relation to others. If you let your husky know that your cat has a higher rank than it by feeding the cat someplace high up, then it may start respecting the cat. Although, it is advised not to spoil the cat too much as this will make the husky jealous.   

  • Huskies are high energy:  

Because of this, they require a lot of physical exertion and mental stimulation. Make sure to spend time with your husky outside by playing fetch every day, so that he/she does not get bored. The pent-up energy may make it aggressive towards your cat, so keep your husky happy.  

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the potential dangers of keeping a husky with a cat and know how to make them get along despite their differences, you are in a better position to handle the situation with expertise. Having pets is a blessing. They increase the level of happiness in your life and keeping them makes you a very mature and responsible person. I think everyone should adopt a pet once in their lifetime to experience the beautiful companionship that comes along with it. So, go ahead and get a husky.   

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