Why Do Rottweilers Growl? (At Me)

Why Do Rottweilers Growl? (At Me)

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Why Do Rottweilers Growl? 

It is not less than a mystery that Rottweilers tend to enjoy growling. How Come? Well let’s not go straight to the answer, we’ll explore that here. 

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Quick Answer

A Rottweilers growling can be because of many reasons, such as happiness, aggression, fear, trauma, or pain. Separation anxiety also makes them sad, which makes them growl. Similarly, Rottweilers are ideal guard dogs, and they growl at stringers or other pets to show their dominance.

Sometimes, Rottweiler growling becomes unusual, proving dangerous to others and surrounding pets. Thus, you should know why Rottweilers growl so it would be easy to calm them down. Here you can find every possible reason and its counter-action. 

Let’s dive in!

Why Does My Rottweiler Growl At Me?

Rottweilers are large and powerful dogs, and there are many reasons they can be growling. If your Rottweiler growls at you, there is no need to be frightened, observe his body language.There are common reasons as to why Rottweilers like to growl.

Common reasons for Rottweiler growling:

  • Out of Excitement

Just like any other dog breed, Rottweilers also get excited and have emotions of excitement. They growl in happiness. 

Some dog owners assume Rottweilers are aggressive dogs, and cannot be happy or have an attachment with their owners. However, this is false, and if you take them to walk, park, or outdoors, they enjoy sniffing anything and everything they come across. To express their happiness, they growl

– Remember Rottweilers are an adorable and happy breed. Despite their large body size and high temperament.

Why Do Rottweilers Growl? (At Me)
  • Psychological Trauma

If you own a rescued Rottweiler, and they growl excessively. There are chances of physical trauma.

There have been many cases where rescue dogs suffer from PTSD or other psychological trauma instilled by a pa experience. As they are kept in homes for security purposes, they may have experienced assault towards them, leading to PTSD or other anxiety behaviors.

This problem is common in rescued Rottweilers.  However, there can also be other causes that might have caused his trauma.

If he’s growing check for other common signs of trauma to be sure he’s experiencing trauma. 

Other signs besides growling of Psychological Trauma 

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fear of being alone
  • Decreased interest in a favorite activity
  • Aggression

Medications can help, but visit your vet for help.

  • Separation Anxiety

Rottweilers have an affiliation with their owners, and they spend a lot of time playing, walking, and doing many other activities with them. On the other hand, leaving them alone while you are out working for an extended period can cause separation anxiety. 

They growl when you leave the house to show their sadness, and most probably, they keep growling at your back, because they love you!

Rottweiler growling due to separation anxiety gives a them a mix of emotions such as anxiety, aggression, or the fear of losing you which can be a tough one.

Note: Growling, when you return home. Is a sign of their welcoming. So spend quality time with them. After returning home to show your love for them.

  • To Bark

Rottweilers are ideal guard dogs as they protect houses and territory from strangers, robbers, or anyone trying to break in. It is their instinct, to bark, and they tend to do it a lot.

Growling before barking prepares them. When they’re scared or terrified this can be common.

It could be your friend meeting after so long or your neighbor, that Rottweiler does not like and starts growling and barking. It’s pretty common and there’s nothing wrong with it. 

  • Rottweiler Growling due to Aggression

Many incidences make Rottweilers aggressive, and they in return can growl in rage. Normally, it could be due to fear or food aggression that insists your dog growl loudly. For instance, they consider thunderstorms or fireworks a threat, and their sudden sound can trigger fearful emotions. Your Rottweiler will most likely react by growling to defend himself from the threat and seek your attention to a potential threat.

On the other hand, food aggression makes them growl to deter other pets. If another pet in the house likes to steal your Rottweiler’s food, your Rottweiler may see that find as a threat to his and growl keep him away. Thus, it is better to feed your Rottweiler separately from other pets so he may eat comfortably without aggression and growling.

  • Rottweiler Growl to Show Dominance

As Rottweilers are larger and stronger, they growl at other pets to show their dominance. They want to make it clear that they are in charge of their territory and dominated ones not to be messed with. The growling of Rottweiler at other dogs in the park also signifies they want to let other down and show their dominance. Be sure to calm your dog outside as excessive growling can make him aggressive, and he may attack someone or another dog in extreme conditions. 

Either take him to the side where other dogs are not playing or engage with some activities so that he won’t notice the presence of other dogs in the vicinity.

  • Pain or Sickness

It is common in pets to growl in pain or injury as it is a way of their communication. If your Rottweiler is suffering from bad health or has some injuries, there are equal chances that growth is due to the pain. Sometimes dog fights to show dominance result in severe injuries, and there is an equal chance that both pets have injuries. Your pet will growl to cope with that pain and take your sympathies. Plus, bear in mind, Rottweiler often has health issues like hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia that you should be aware of. If you think growling is due to pain, don’t let him in this condition and contact your vet to seek medical advice.

Why Do Rottweilers Growl? (At Me)

Why Do Rottweilers Growl When You Pet Them?

You may have noticed that your Rottweiler growls when you pet them. It’s nothing to be worried about as they enjoy you petting them. 

Rottweilers also love their owners, and they appreciate their attention. So, if you are afraid of Rottweiler growling due to petting, take it normally, he’s not preparing to attack you. 

Petting will actually help him remain calm

Do Rottweilers Growl When Hugged?

Yes, Your Rottweiler may growl when you hug him as it depicts a sense of attachment or your kind attitude towards your pet, and they love it. 

This growl is not due to aggression, fear, or rage, but it is their response to hugging. Most probably, your Rottweiler is ill or has pain that you could not identify. Your hug soothes him and gives comfort. So, keep hugging, playing, and cuddling with your dogs, so they have the best time without developing any bad habits. Your friendly, loving, and caring gestures also help dog training as they develop a special bond and follow your actions.

Conclusion – Rottweiler Growling

If your Rottweiler growls, there is nothing bad about it. There are many normal conditions such as petting, hugging, cuddling, and growling is one of them.

They growl to see you after long or in pain to get your attention, for security, or in fear. But if growling becomes unusual, you should talk to your vet as it could be a psychological trauma or injury that makes him aggressive to growl.

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