Can Goldendoodles Be Black and White? - Top 13 Facts About This Breed

Can Goldendoodles Be Black and White? – Top 13 Facts About This Breed

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Black and White Goldendoodles

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Can Goldendoodles be black and white, or are they only available in golden shades?

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Quick Answer

Goldendoodles could be black and white but these unexpected genetic combinations are extremely rare. As Goldendoodles are a mixed breed, they receive genes from both breeds, Golden Retrievers and Poodles, and the gene of black color is recessive in this breed. Thus, it can happen, but the possibility is quite low.

But, it will be great to know that Goldendoodles have plenty of other colors in varying coat patterns. So, it is not over; this breed has many other qualities that make this dog special. So, let’s get into 13 facts about Goldendoodles.

Can Goldendoodles be Black and White?

Goldendoodle could be black and white but are extremely rare. There are up to 32 Goldendoodle coat colors in a curly, wavy, or straight pattern. The reason for this extensive color variation is their origin, as Goldendoodle is a mixed breed. Golden Retriever and Poodle are both pure breed dogs, and their combination resulted in Golden doodle. So, they have the qualities of both dog parents.

As per the American kennel club, the Golden Retriever has colors such as dark golden, light golden, or golden. At the same time, the Poodle has standard colors including apricot, brown, blue, cream, gray, and silver. So, the coat color and other characteristics are inherited and give Golden doodles in a huge variety of colors, including black and white.

Similarly, the reason for the black coat in Goldendoodle is the involvement of genetics. Black Golden doodles are rare because of a recessive gene found in Golden Retrievers or Poodle.

To get a black and white Goldendoodle, you need to breed Golden Retriever with Parti Poodle, hoping that desired genes pass through to give extremely rare black and white Goldendoodle.

Top 13 Facts about Black and White Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle is a dog parent’s favorite dog breed, and everyone wants to get one. If you also love them and want to raise them, take a quick round of facts about Goldendoodle to understand the basic idea of their habits and characteristics.

1. Little to No Allergy Problem

Goldendoodle is known as a hypoallergenic dog breed. As allergy is related to dander that is shedding dead skin cells or flakes of skin on his fur, the Goldendoodles have thickly curled hair with little to no chance of shedding, so the chance of releasing dander in the air is low. When there is no danger in the air, you will be safe from allergies. So, if you cannot keep a dog due to an allergy, Goldendoodle could be your best partner.

2. Family Dogs

Normally, dog owners are concerned about kids at dog places as they can hurt them anytime. But the good news is Goldendoodles are perfect family dogs because they are extremely friendly and are naturally inclined to be careful with infants and toddlers. They also prove patient companions for children as they grow up. Plus, they become fast friends with children, cats, and other dog breeds, and there will be no aggressive fights among your pet family.

3. Love Water

One of the major issues of many dogs is they are afraid of water and cannot accompany them at pool parties. But Goldendoodles are exceptional. They have a special affiliation with water and love swimming, whether in the lake, at the beach, or in your backyard swimming pool. Thus, when the whole family is having water fun, you don’t need to be vigilant and see find your pup after every single minute. Take Goldendoodle on water rides and enjoy your summer!

4. Goldendoodles vary in Size

If you are looking for a dog for your kids or are not ready to own a big dog, Goldendoodle would be ideal for you. These are mini Doodles and the cutest of all.

You can find Goldendoodles in these three sizes and choose your ideally required size:

  • Miniature Goldendoodle – 13 -20”, 15-35 lbs
  • Small Goldendoodle – 17 – 20”, 40-50 lbs
  • Large Goldendoodle – 20 – 24”, 50-90 lbs

As Goldendoodles are a mixed breed, these variations in their sizes also result from crossing different sized parents, and you get miniature, small or large Goldendoodles.

5. Easy to Train and Groom

Dog training and grooming is one of the most important parts of pet parenting, as you cannot live comfortably with dogs without training them. Some dogs are quite aggressive, and they hardly follow your instructions. But on the contrary, Goldendoodles are easy to train and groom. They keep following your advice and become the best dogs.

Similarly, they have less shedding and require less grooming. Just brush them every few days with a slicker to remove loose hair and bath when needed. When your pup gets shaggy, have them clipped every 8 weeks. Remember, Goldendoodles are susceptible to ear infections because of the thick fur around their ears. So, keep inspecting their ears or cleaning once a week will also reduce the chance of infections.

Can Goldendoodles Be Black and White? - Top 13 Facts About This Breed
6. Obedient and intelligent

Golden Retriever and Poodle are two of the top five most intelligent dog breeds, and so are the Goldendoodles. They are very responsive, intelligent, and smart. This smartness and obedience also help in their training. But you should know obedient dogs become bored easily. Thus toys that provide mental stimulation or activities are necessary to keep them busy.

7. Fun-loving and Playful Dog Breed

Goldendoodles are companion dogs, and they are full fun-loving. They don’t like to live alone or sit idle in a kennel or any house corner. Instead, they have fun with their pet family. Plus, they also kids and their parents’ company inside and outside the house. They can only sit in the dog apartment with an enriched environment with toys and plenty of playful items. Similarly, you can engage them in parks with games like:

  • Flyball
  • Dock diving
  • Swimming
  • Running
8. Good Service Provider

Goldendoodles are ideal service providers, and they can help you in many ways. If you need a guide dog or therapy dog, you should not underestimate Golden doodles as they can do this job wonderfully. They are also great companion pets for hospital patients or people in nursing homes.

9. Goldendoodles are not Guard Dogs

As said earlier, Goldendoodles are friendly pups, and they cannot think to harm or attack anyone, so this quality makes them bad watchdogs. They do not bark when the door is knocked; instead, they warmly welcome guests or anyone knocking on the dog. That is why, if you want a dog to assign watch duties, go for other breeds and let them play with everyone.

10. Easily Makes Friends

Goldendoodles appreciate socializing, and they don’t feel shy to make new friends. Whether it is the addition to a family friend or playing with your neighbors’ pets, they along well with anyone, they meet. This is a very good quality of this breed as many dog parents remain worried about their pup’s antisocial behaviors and their dogs keep them in trouble for this anxiety.

Goldendoodles’ affiliation or friendly behavior often makes them sad as if they do not meet their family members or friends, they feel lonely or go into separation anxiety.

Can Goldendoodles Be Black and White? - Top 13 Facts About This Breed
11. Motivated by Food

Typically, Goldendoodles are easy to train without giving a tough time, and still, if you find their training hard for any reason, you can motivate them with food. Almost every dog has cravings for treats ane they follow instructions. So it is the best way to train them by showing food. But remember, don’t allow them unhealthy food rich in salts, sugar, or other fried items to save from many diseases.

12. Calm and Cool Temperament

Goldendoodles get their gentle nature from their Golden Retriever side as they are also very calm. They do not show aggression or freak out in gatherings or outdoor visits. Therefore, you can take them shopping or anywhere without thinking about his temperament.

13. Active and Natural Athletes

Goldendoodles are super active and energetic that makes them natural athletes. They love going out, exercising, exploring, and participating in activities. Though Goldendoodles typically weigh between 50 and 100 pounds, they are full of energy, and you can take them on adventures like hiking, running, or climbing. Similarly, long walks are one of their favorites, and they don’t let you get bored outdoors. Therefore, they are perfect for active families outdoors either in the parks, pools, forests, or even in the zone.

Conclusion – Goldendoodle Black and White 

Goldendoodles, a special designer breed dog, have different colors but finding a black and white dog is quite difficult. This is because of their inheritance pattern, and no one can predict whether the litter has a black and white pup or not. So, if you are lucky to get one, enjoy all his fun-loving qualities and have a great time. 

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