Why Do Dogs Like To Lick Lotion?

Why Do Dogs Like To Lick Lotion?

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 12:54 am

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Why Do Dogs Lick Lotion?

Why do dogs lick lotion? If your dog sniffs and licks lotion, you must not ignore him.

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Quick Answer

Dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell, and they like to lick lotion due to its sweet taste and fragrance. Plus, their curiosity or attempt to wipe the lotion may lead to this licking. Similarly, don’t forget licking is a dogs’ habit, and they do so to get your attention.

Remember, licking can be harmful to your dog, so you should know whether the lotion you apply is safe for your pup or not. So, get into the details!

Why Do Dogs Like to Lick Lotion?

Dogs licking habit is natural, and they do so to explore things. They are curious creatures doing everything their owners find weird, and licking lotion is one on the top. Some dogs like to lick lotion more than others, but the reasons are common like:

Enjoy Smell and Taste of Lotion

The first reason of why do dogs like lotion is their sweet smell and taste. There are many lotions with real ingredients of almond, aloe vera, and avocado oil that smell and taste nice to dogs.

Similarly, some dogs are eager to lick yummy scents like vanilla, peanut butter, and coconut oil. When your dog licks such lotions, he finds it interesting and appealing to continue licking.

Another prominent cause of this licking is your dogs’ association with your odor, as they have very sensitive sense of smell. They can relate smell to your identity and lick. You must have noticed dogs with separation anxiety get settled by placing an item of your clothing because they can feel your presence with scents or lotions you apply.

Out of Curiosity

Nothing is surprising that dogs are curious and lick everything they encounter. They try to find out or want to understand new things. The same is the case with lotions, and they feel you have something unusual on your body, and exploring this new thing is your dog’s favorite job.

Try to Remove Lotion

If you have applied lotion and your dog is licking, there is a chance that he wants to remove it. Your dog can relate a particular smell to you, and changing a lotion can give a wrong impression. They may assume something is wrong with you and lick to remove that foreign substance.

To Get Your Attention

Licking is a dogs’ instinctive behavior. They lick to get your attention because they have seen licking from their puppyhood when mother dog used to groom them. They do the same to get her attention. Pets have this imprinted in their mind and find the only way to grab your attention. When you come, sit near your dog, he starts licking.

Is It Bad for Dogs to Lick Lotion?

There is no doubt that dogs look cute when licking, but you must not forget it may prove dangerous. If you use organic products and lotions, there would not be much harm to your dog. But on the other hand, if your pup is habitual of licking, he will taste lotions, cosmetic products that contain toxic chemicals, and even ointments.

So, here are some lotions that you must not allow your dog to lick:

  • Muscle rub lotion
  • Antifungal lotion
  • Anti-inflammatory pain creams
  • Lotions containing steroids or antibiotics

What to Do If Your Dog Licks Lotion?

If your dog lick normal lotion, there would be nothing much to be worried about. Just monitor your furry baby for the next few hours to be on the safe side.

But if he has come in contact with potentially harmful lotion, you should not ignore and take him to the vet. Explain the amount of licked lotions and type to better access outcomes and get immediate treatment.

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