Flying with a Large Dog: Tips To Consider Before You Fly

Flying with a Large Dog: Tips To Consider Before You Fly

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Flying with a Large Dog in the Cabin

Before you plan your next vacation or work assignment, you probably didn’t think about the added stress that being away from your dog will bring. Even if you plan to take your dog with you on your trip, flying with a large dog can be challenging.

Depending on their size, some dogs can make an airplane ride miserable for humans and even more so for the dog. If you’re preparing to fly with a large pup, here are some helpful tips and things to consider before flying with a large dog.

Flying with a Large Dog

Before you embark on a flight with a large dog, you’ll want to be prepared. Before you head to the pet airline’s website, do an online search to find out what regulations you’ll need to follow. Most airlines have a list of prohibited items on flights with both dogs and cats.

Flying with a Large Dog: Tips To Consider Before You Fly

Ways Dogs Fly On Planes

There are three main ways when it comes to dogs and planes. Dogs are often allowed to fly as carry-on items, but policies vary between carriers. A few airlines may not allow your dog to fly at all, while others may allow only the dog to be in the cabin with you. Some carriers require that your dog fly as a service animal, while others allow pets to fly in the cabin as long as they fit under the seat. However, other airlines’ policies vary, so you’ll want to check with your airline’s pet policies before traveling with your dog. 

If you choose to fly with your dog, be sure to discuss this with your airline’s pet policies. You’ll probably want to ask what the carrier’s process is for getting your dog on the plane and what the dog’s rules are for being on the plane. You’ll also want to make sure that your dog is allowed to fly on your flight.

Three Ways:

Carry-Ons – Many smaller dog breeds and puppies may be transported in their own baggage on the plane. Unfortunately, if you have a large dog this might not be an option.

As Cargo – Big dogs might have to fly as cargo if you travel with them on a big airline. Some airlines require larger and bigger dogs to travel as cargo.

Checked Baggage – Most airlines permit crated dogs to travel as checked baggage. This means you’ll pack your dog’s crate like other baggage, and it will be transported like the rest of the plane’s luggage.

Can You Fly with Large Dogs?

Yes, most airlines allow you to bring a large dog as a carry-on item on the plane with you. Most require the dog to be at least 8 weeks old and not to fragile. 

When it comes to large dogs, some carriers may have specific rules about how large your pet may be and how many bags he or she may bring with you. While some airlines may allow one large dog on board, many airlines limit the number of large dogs that may fly as a carry-on item. You’ll want to know your airline’s policies before flying with a large dog. Some carriers allow you to bring two large dogs as a carry-on item and two as a checked bag item. Others have fewer options.

Know The Airline’s Dog Policies

Before flying with your large dog, make sure you know the airline’s policies regarding large pets. Most carriers have their own policies regarding flying with large dogs, so you’ll want to know what they are.

Many airlines have specific guidelines for flying with large dogs. For instance, some carriers may allow you to bring one small dog as a carry-on item and one large as a checked bag item. Others may have a lower limit for how many bags a large dog may fly as a checked bag item. Some carriers may require you to have your dog shipped as cargo and flown as an open ticket. This means that the plane has an empty spot for the dog and the pilot is responsible for the safety of the dog.

Research your Options

Before you head to your next trip, you’ll want to do some research on flying with a large dog. 

Do your research to find out the carrier’s policies toward flying with large dogs and select the carrier that has the best policy for you and your dog. When you do this research, it may help to call the pet carrier or the carrier’s customer service line and ask questions about their policies. Most carriers will be happy to help you understand their policies and make sure that your dog is allowed to fly with you.

Flying with a Large Dog: Tips To Consider Before You Fly

Tips for Flying with Large Breeds

  1. Be aware that many airlines provide free pet boarding at airports
  • Some airlines have specific rules regarding how many dogs may be carried on board as passengers. Check with your airline before flying with this service.
  • Make sure your dog is protected from insects and disease while on board the flight
  • Carry medications such as anti-itch medicine or flea control medication
  • Make sure to take Your Dog For a Walk Before Boarding

Bottom Line

The bottom line is flying with a large dog can be stressful, well any sized dog for that matter. Most airlines have specific policies and tend to help when it comes to your larger dogs. Just remember you’ll both always end up in the same destination. Enjoy your trip!

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