Why Dogs Fart After Neutering and What to Expect

Why Dogs Fart After Neutering and What to Expect

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Why Dogs Fart After Neutering and What to Expect

Odd question, but do you remember the first time you heard your dog farted? Probably not. But I’m willing to bet that if you’ve ever heard your dog fart, it wasn’t the last time. That’s because dogs can and do get quite gassy after neutering quite often. It’s a bit odd to think about but it does happen. If you’re wondering why dogs fart after neutering? Keep reading to find out, In this article below.

Quick Answer:

Dogs do get a bit gassier after undergoing a Neutering procedure. Studies have shown that dogs have gas days after the surgery and it’s common for them to have it. 

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What Is Neutering? Detailed Explanation

Neutering is the term used for the surgical removal of a male dog’s testicles. To put it simply, neutering is a super important surgical procedure with male dogs and can be done for many different purposes. 

Neutering is done and performed for many different reasons. The most common of those reasons being to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However testicular and prostate cancers, as well as other health issues in dogs which neutering can help with.  It’s an important procedure that many male dogs might go through doing their life. We won’t get into exactly what neutering is and how it’s performed. But, if you’re interested you can read more at VCA Hospitals.

Interesting fact:

After your dog is neutered, he can still have a sex drive, and he may be just as aggressive as he was before. Neutering won’t change that.

Why Dogs Fart After Neutering and What to Expect

Is It Normal For a Dog To Get Gassy After Neutering?

Even though it might be odd to ask it’s surprisingly quite common in dogs.

Yes, dogs do tend to fart more often after neutering. According to a study, it showed that after neutering a dog’s behavior changed as well as for continuous days after they were gassy. A dog’s gastric system is affected by neutering 

However, what causes this gas and why it happens is a little trickier. 

Why Do Dogs Fart After Neutering?

Dogs are like humans, so just like us. They can get gassy for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for gassiness after neutering is because there is more gas in the intestines after neuter surgery. It’s not surprising that dogs pass gas more often after neuter surgery. This might be a little technical so if you don’t understand it, that’s okay.

When a dog’s testicles are removed, the dog’s spleen (Organ) moves slightly upward. The spleen is connected to the intestines (Bottom stomach) by blood vessels. After the spleen is repositioned, the blood flow to the intestines is also altered. This can increase the amount of gas in the intestines.

Simpler Terms:

When a dog is neutered, not only are his testicles removed but the adjacent organs like the spleen and intestines are also shifted around. That can sometimes create gas, which can lead to flatulence. Once the gas is created, it has to escape. Dogs can release the gas in a few different ways. One way is with a belch-like sound, which is called a bray. Another way is by passing gas through their rectum, which we humans often call farting.

Should I be Concerned If My Dog Is Gassy After Neutering?

As long as your dog’s otherwise healthy, there’s no reason to be alarmed. Depending on the type of dog you have, his diet, and how often he eats, he may pass gas a couple of times a day, for a week or two after his neutering surgery. It’s a good idea to have your vet check your dog’s health after his neuter surgery, just to be sure there’s no underlying cause for the intestinal gassiness if it continues.

If you suspect your dog might be gassy, but you can’t hear it, you can try to look out for some other signs that your dog may be passing gas. The most obvious sign that your dog may be gassy is if there is a smell.

Will The Gassing stop On Its Own?

Yes, in most cases your dog’s gassing after the procedure will stop. Give him a couple of days and you’ll notice that it’ll go away on its own. If it doesn’t and you’re concerned still contact your vet and they’ll give you their take on the situation. 

What Can I Do If My Dog Is Farting After Neutering?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do.

Dogs will often pass gas after they’re, so it might be best to feed your dog before you eat, or after you’ve finished your meal. It’s possible that your dog’s diet could be causing him to fart more. If you’ve recently made changes to your dog’s diet, try switching back to his old diet to see if it helps. If the gassiness continues, talk to your vet about other dietary changes that may help reduce it. Many dog owners are clueless about what’s causing this, and simply think the dog is sick and needs to go to the vet to get checked out. But in reality, your dog is probably fine, and just needs some dietary changes.

Below there are three tips that we go a bit more into detail that might help you with gas prevention in the future. 

3 Tips to Stop Your Neutered Dog from Farting

Technically, it’s not possible to stop your dog from letting gas out at a given moment. However, if it happens often, there are ways you can alter it happening in the future.

  1. Change his food – You can try to switch your dog’s food to something different. Perhaps a food that has less fiber in it or diet food. Try to avoid processed foods with lots of preservatives. 
  2. Give him an anti-gas supplement – You can try giving your dog an anti-gas supplement. There are many different types and brands on the market that are safe for use in dogs. 
  3. Keep him active – More active Dogs tend to have less gas than dogs who stay pretty stationary most of the day. If your dog doesn’t already get plenty of exercises, try to find ways to get him moving more each day.

Final Words – Gassing In Dogs After Neutering 

Neutering is a very common procedure in dogs. Most dogs will experience a change in their bowels after being neutered. This is a normal side effect of the surgery, but it may cause you a little bit of discomfort. If your dog is farting more than normal, it could be due to a change in the diet, or it could be due to a change in his digestive tract after the surgery. 

You should try switching his food to see if that helps reduce the gassiness. If it doesn’t, you should consider taking him to the vet to see if there is something else going on. If your dog is farting and is otherwise healthy, there is no need to panic. The bottom line is, It is normal for dogs to fart, and they will continue to fart after they are neutered.

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