Are Chow Chows Aggressive And Dangerous? Need To Know? 

Are Chow Chows Aggressive And Dangerous? Need To Know? 

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Are Chow Chows Aggressive And Dangerous? Need To Know? 

Chow chows are confident and independent dogs with strong body features. They are good with their families, loyal, and highly protective of the owners. But their temperament is often questioned and inquired, “Are chow chows aggressive?” Thus, a one-word answer is ‘Yes,’ but situations vary.    

Quick Answer:

Chow chows are primarily aggressive and may become dangerous to kids or other animals. Certain situations like meeting strangers, children, and other dogs add to their aggression, and they start barking. Their barking may also get violent, resulting in biting habits, which can also cause severe damage.  

So, if you are a new chow parent and don’t know their behavior, make sure to learn it from every aspect. Here is comprehensive research about Chow chows aggression. You will find a difference in male and female chow aggression, plus an estimate of their potential danger. Similarly, the main reasons and ways of preventing chows aggression will also help you in many ways. So, let’s explore!   

Are Chow Chows Aggressive – Male vs. Female  

Chow chows are naturally aggressive and don’t like socializing or even respond to people poorly. Like any other dog breed, this aloofness is linked to their personality, and they are notoriously ill-tempered.  

You might be unaware of the fact that Chow chows are primitive dogs, and over time this breed’s aggression did not show a decline. But proper training or learning helps them accommodate their families.  

Here you must appreciate Chow chows’ loyalty and protective behavior towards their owners. Properly trained Chow chows share a perfect bond with their family and make sure they happily live together. Mischievous kids, small cats, and other dogs make them furious and invite their aggression that may prove dangerous.  

At the same time, male and female Chow chows also have considerable differences in their temperament – both are aggressive, but males are one step ahead due to the following reasons:  

  • The testosterone hormone in males adds to their aggression.  
  • Male chows are less likely to be spayed, making them more aggressive due to the hormones involved in the procedure.  
  • Another leading cause is the natural male dominance that makes them challenging and aggressive.  

In light of all these factors, you cannot say female chows are sweet and generous and also show aggression, especially in the heat.  

How Dangerous Is a Chow Chow?  

Aggression or danger of Chow chows is not quantifiable. You can just predict some situations or actions that make them angry. Some situations add to Chows’ aggression and make them attack.  

  • First, Chows are highly aggressive towards dogs of the same sex. It might provoke dominance insecurity that leads to fights and attacks.  
  • Chow chows are guard dogs and have long been used for hunting animals. This natural hunting instinct can take over when they encounter small animals like cats, dogs, and even rabbits.   
  • If you want an estimation of Chow chows aggression, bear in mind they can kill an innocent small dog. Similarly, they don’t like guest pets or dogs they meet outside. That is why taking them out on a walk needs your careful attention and training.  
  • Chow chows are unsuitable for families with kids as they are at high risk of a dog attack. Kids are playful and often poke fingers or turn dogs’ ears, but it is absolutely unbearable for chows, and they can bite or do whatever in their defense.   
  • Last but not least, Chows’ living conditions add to its aggression. If they do not live in the right environment and are physically inactive due to lack of space or food, they will bother you.   

Here’s a video I found that shows a Chow Chow being a bit over the norm.

4 Main Reasons for Chow Chows Aggression  

Now you know the aggressive nature of Chow chows and have an estimate of the potential danger. It is high time to figure out the root cause of their aggression and work on it. Here are the top reasons for Chow chow aggression, so be careful about each and figure out what makes your Chow angry. In the next section, you will also find ways of preventing their aggression from aiding behavior issues.  

1. Natural Breed Characteristic  

The most basic reason for Chows’ aggression is their trait-specific nature. They were bred as guard dogs protecting large flocks on the farms or doing hunting tasks. That’s why being aggressive is their natural instinct, and you cannot expect a guard dog to be polite and friendly with everyone.  

Secondly, dog breeds are known among people for traits like friendliness, playfulness, loyalty, devotion, or aloofness. Chow chows don’t have good marks in making friends with other pets or children, but they are devoted and loyal to their owners. So, there is nothing to claim when it is clear from the facts that Chow chows are naturally aggressive.  

2. Pain or Discomfort  

Any dog in pain is violent, and you can better assume Chows.  

If your Chow chow has a sudden injury, wounds, or invisible cuts, it is more likely that he will be aggressive. Dogs suffering from ailments are more sensitive and don’t like to be surrounded by people. They bark to warn people, but if they fail to get it, Chow chows attack becomes obvious.   

Similarly, it is seen many times that Chow chows’ discomfort translates into dangerous attacks as they are not very socializing and feel uncomfortable outside so that they can be aggressive many times in such situations.  

3. Dominance  

Independence or dominance is one of the most important reasons for Chow Chow’s aggression. They assume themselves as pack leaders and cannot imagine sharing space with others. Other animals in their close vicinity agitate them creating a dangerous situation.  

Similarly, they don’t like your commands and are independent enough to make decisions. Your constant direction or interruption in their everyday life can also make them aggressive, and as a result, you get to see their aggression. So, it is better to handle your Chow technically without making him annoyed.  

4. Inappropriate Lifestyle  

Chow chows are not lethargic dogs and are full of energy. 45 to 60 minutes of exercise daily is required to keep them happy and healthy but if you don’t have time to take them out or lack space in the backyard, get ready to encounter their aggression. They need to spend energy, and you will be victim to that.  

Now imagine the counter scenario of having a challenging workout routine with your older Chow chow. Your dog with poor bones or Arthritis cannot walk enough, and forcing him to accompany you all the way will make him sick and aggressive. In this case, you are the main reason for his aggression as you need to be very specific about your dog’s health care and allow workout that is not bad for his health.  

How to Prevent Aggression in Chow Chows?  

Here you will get some practical ways of avoiding aggression in Chow chows, and these are:  

Early Training and Socialization  

Training and socialization are the two most essential things in dogs’ upbringing, and their proper management can help grow an obedient pet. Adult chows are somewhat stubborn or hard to train, but pups have comparatively more learning potential. So, it is great to train your Chow from puppyhood about how to behave with a family member and others. Obedience commands also help to make their well-behaved dogs. Similarly, socialize your pup with other groups of animals and strangers. Don’t expect them to be welcoming or friendly as playful dogs, but obviously, you will notice an evident behavioral change in their growing phase.  

Be Affectionate with your Chow 

There is no doubt that Chows are aggressive and only suited to calm owners. They need love and affection despite aloofness, as it is natural in many situations and is uncontrollable. Some dog owners or first-time owners often get offended and treat them harshly. This nothing does well but adds to their aggression, and they become violent for life. Instead of punishing, calm them down and make them realize they have done wrong and need to avoid it in the future. 

So, it is best to be polite with your dog in training sessions or daily routines.  

Give Them Space  

Chow chows are quiet dogs full of energy. Keeping them indoors or in uncomfortable situations can make them upset. Therefore, you need to understand their living requirements and not be forced to enjoy loud music, get together with friends, and play dates with kids. Appreciate their instinct of living alone or close to the family. Similarly, avoid situations that make them angry.    

Conclusion – Are Chow Chows Aggressive?  

Chow chows are one of the most favorite dog breeds but are aloof. Their rough temperament often puts people in trouble as they don’t get involved with kids, strangers, other dogs, and cats. So, their encounter with Chow chows can result in aggressive situations and lead to dangerous results like attacks and biting. Therefore, it is better to avoid these pets in houses with children and pets, and they are most suitable for experienced owners.

At the same time, they know the reasons for their aggression and learn ways to avoid such problems.  

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