Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic? Will Shock You!

Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic? Will Shock You!

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Hypoallergenic Dogs | Shar Peis

Deep wrinkled Shar Peis with strong bodies are fascinating watchdogs, and pet owners share a special bond with these dogs. But many of them are severely allergic to dogs’ shedding, so it is worth wondering, ‘Are Shar Peis hypoallergic or not?’

Quick Answer

No. Shar Peis, the most instantly recognized wrinkly face, is luckily not a hypoallergenic dog breed. They can, however, be a pleasant companion for persons with less severe allergies. They shed and generate allergens on their bodies, but only in small amounts.

Now that you know your Shar-Pei isn’t a hypoallergenic dog breed, you should know their shedding time, dander generating time and intensity, and other factors that can affect how your allergies are triggered or react when you’re around one.

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Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic?

The concerns to allergic reactions of pet owners mainly arise when they notice shedding or fur of their dogs around them. Shar Peis are one of the dog breeds that may give a tough time to their caretakers and cause allergy, but it is not guaranteed to have allergy all the time with all Shar pies.

So, the coat of these dogs determines whether they are allergic or not. Shar-Peis come in three coat types: horse, brush, and bear, and they all shed a little.

Horse Coat

Horse coat puppies have the shortest and coarsest hair and shed the least three. In reality, all three types of horse coat Shar Peis have relatively short and roughest hair. From a puppy to an adult, they also change significantly in appearance. While they are wrinkled skin balls as puppies, they have smooth skin. They shed less than other types in winter because they do not form an undercoat, But They’d be less adapted to colder environments.

Bear Coat

Bear coat types, by far, are the rarest types of Shar-Pei. They are thought to be a product of recessive gene traits that both parents carry. It is thought to be a throwback to their Chow ancestors. It can grow an inch long in some areas. They shed more than the other two.

Brush Coat

A brush coat is slightly longer than a horse coat. Due to long hair, they also shed and you need to invest a little more time in his grooming.

Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic? Will Shock You!

Shedding Season in Shar-Pei

They will shed excessively during the shedding season to cope with the environmental changes. The shedding season may be before the onset of summer and winter.

In the fall, you may anticipate them to shed some of their hair to make place for new hair growth that will be thicker and more useful in keeping their bodies warm and lovely throughout the winter.

  • Springtime Shedding

They shed in the spring to get rid of a portion of their winter coat to maintain their body temperature when the seasons change.

This type of hair, which grows in the spring, will aid them in keeping their bodies cool during the summer.

This is how smartly your dog manages to keep his fur up to date with the environment, and you won’t be able to entirely prevent your Shar-Pei from shedding because it is a process designed by nature for them to assist them in balancing their body temperature.

Shar-Pei Allergies – How to Deal with Allergens?

In pets, saliva, urine, and dander are the most common triggers for allergies in people with an overactive immune system. In the case of Shar Peis, dander allergens are produced in more significant quantities than saliva allergens.

  • The easiest method to ensure this is to keep their skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out. Dry skin causes more dander to collect on the surface, which is terrible for anyone with an overly sensitive immune system.
  • The urine and saliva of Shar Peis are two more things that can set off your allergies. Allergy-causing protein can be found in their urine and saliva, which can aggravate and induce allergies.
  • So you must avoid both saliva and pee of your dog. It will keep you and your dog safe; teach your dog to pee only in specific areas and to keep his tongue to himself.
  • If you have severe allergies to dog fur flying everywhere in the house, you should consult a doctor and have some medicine. It will be good to keep both you and your dog safe.

Some Hacks to Deal with Shar-Pei Allergens

If you are struggling with Shar-pei allergies, these hacks can save you:

Brushing and Grooming Shar Pei

Grooming can significantly impact how your allergy reacts when you’re near Shar Peis. As a result, make sure they’re nicely groomed.

  • Ensure you brush your Shar Peis coat regularly and remove all dead hairs from your body. If you do not have much time, you can brush their coat three to four times a week, but not fewer.
  • When you brush your dog’s coat, their skin releases natural oils across the body, which you may spread to other regions of the body using a good quality brush, preventing their skin from drying up.
  • Brushing is the most effective technique to moisturize their skin with natural oil. Brush their coat regularly with a brush that is suitable for their skin.
  • It will give your dog a ticklish feeling when you brush them, and it is the brush that I have been using for the past few years.
  • Brush Shar Peis coats in the direction of hair development at all times.
Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic? Will Shock You!

Give Him a Bath

Bathe your Shar Peis just when you feel it is necessary. Bathing frequently can lead their skin to become dry. Bathe them only as needed. Only bathe them once a month.

Always wash them with natural pet shampoo to keep their skin moisturized after they’ve been bathed. Always check to see whether their natural oil is rinsed away by the water.

Feed Him a Healthy Diet

Always check to see if you’re providing them the proper nutrition. You should also only feed them high-quality food with high-quality ingredients and protein-rich ingredients. It will be good for their shiny coats.

  • Avoid feeding your Shar-Pei inexpensive food because it has been discovered that while cheap foods include nutrition, they lack the correct balance of nutrients that your dog requires to meet all of their nutritional requirements. Avoid eating low-cost or low-quality meals.
  • The nutrients will also guarantee that their skin remains healthy at all times. These foods are high in protein, ensuring that they get all of their nutritional requirements met.
  • Healthy skin is also a positive sign since it prevents dandruff from developing and shedding.
  • Supplement them with Omega supplements and fatty acids supplements. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids is really beneficial to their skin.
  • Check to see if the Omega supplements you’re taking are made from wild fish. Omega supplements will aid their skin to become healthier month after month.

9 Useful Tips for Families Having Allergies

After you’ve finished handling, caressing, spending time with, or playing with your hands, wash them thoroughly. A thorough hand wash will ensure that all of the dander that became stuck when you were caressing them is rinsed away.

  1. Vacuum your home regularly to ensure that dander and shedding hair is removed as soon as possible. Use a good and powerful vacuum cleaner that can reach difficult locations to reach by hand.
  2. Their danders can get stuck throughout the house, so it’s critical to vacuum with a powerful, high-quality vacuum cleaner.
  3. If you would like to breathe allergen-free air, invest in a decent air cleaner. Because their dander is so light and small, they may readily move through the air.
  4. You have to escape their urine as much as possible, therefore make sure Shar Peis are peeing in a specific area.
  5. Make sure your dog knows not to drool and keep his tongue to himself because his saliva contains dangerous proteins that might harm or trigger your sensitivity.
  6. Danders can become trapped in any carpet on the floor, so avoid agitating it. For Shar Peis, wood and marble flooring are both suitable options.
  7. Avoid touching your Shar Peis in bed since their dander can get into your mattress. Make a bedroom no-go zone for your dog and keep them away from the bed.
  8. You should make them realize that they are not permitted to spend time on your couch. There is no dog on the couch. Their dander can also become trapped on the couch, which is where you’ll be spending the majority of your leisure time.
  9. After all, it is necessary to pet your lovely Shar-Pei. You should take some preventive and precautionary measures and ensure healthy living with your doggie.

Conclusion – Are Shar Peis Hypoallergenic?

Shar-Pei is a non-hypoallergenic breed shedding a little in shedding seasons depending on their coat type. Overall they are a good and lovely dog breed to adopt. So, if you plan to buy this dog breed and are conscious about allergy, be sure to follow all tips and hacks, and you will be good to go.

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